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VCLVisual Component Library
VCLVioloncello (Cello)
VCLVideo Camera Lens (various companies)
VCLVirus Construction Lab
VCLVerification and Computational Logic
VCLVerification Check List
VCLVisual Class Library
VCLVideo Coding Layer
VCLVirtual Computer Library
VCLVideo Cd Layout
VCLVideo Coding Layer (digital television)
VCLVegetation Canopy LIDAR
VCLCurvilinear Velocity
VCLVirus Creation Laboratory
VCLVisual Computing Laboratory (various schools)
VCLVirtual Channel Link
VCLVixen Controlled Library (anthro art site)
VCLVixen Controlled Library (Art; Furry Art Website)
VCLVrijzinnig-Christelijk Lyceum (Den Haag)
VCLVirtual Computer Library (University of Texas at Austin)
VCLVisual Control Library
VCLVisual Communication Lab
VCLVertical-Cavity Laser
VCLVoluntary Committee of Lawyers
VCLVirtual Circuit Link
VCLVoluntary Compliance Level
VCLViscoelastic Control Layer
VCLVice Chairman for Liaison
VCLValidated Compilers List
VCLVector Control Language (ICT In-Circuit Test)
VCLVoluntary Collective License/Licensing
VCLVirtual Coding Layer
VCLVariant Configuration Language (Extensible Markup Language)
VCLVertical Control Line
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Divertimento in Quintetto [F-Dur] per Violoncello obbligato o Viola con accompagnemento di due Violini, Viola e Basso
Morris bravely chose Charles Ives' Trio for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano (Ma and Ax were joined by Colin Jacobsen on violin), which is dotted with Americana musical quotes and more than one melody vying for dominance.
Exploring the themes of testing true love and following your bliss, "Give Me the Moon" comes to some magical transitions that eventuate in the wonderful music of the violoncello.
At Leipzig, oboe da caccia, horns, flutes, and violoncello appear exclusively, while timpani, viola d'amore, and viola da gamba are unique to his Weimar cantatas.
Brahms' Sonata in E minor for Violoncello and Piano, Op.
The body of a full- sized cello is about 74cm ( 29 inches) The full name for a cello is violoncello
He came hurtling off the coach, grinning at the sight of me, then commandeered his traveling chest down from the rack, freed the violoncello as easily as unlacing a boot.
Estudio en el conservatorio de Moscu de 1943 a 1948; y posteriormente fue maestro de violoncello en 1956.
47 for Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano--HN 737, by Ulrich Leisinger; Fingering of piano part by Michael Schneidt.
At age 12, LaBoy joined the Escuela Libre de Musica, where she learned how to play the saxophone and violoncello and played in the orchestra.
Daniel Feinsmith's mournful score for solo violoncello adds a useful Greek-tragedy weight to proceedings that at times verge on the random.