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Vitamin World has supported Vitamin Angels since 2008, ensuring that the Vitamin Angels cause is an integral part of its company culture.
Vitamin B-12 supplementation during pregnancy and early lactation increases maternal, breast milk, and infant measures of vitamin B-12 status.
In December 2010, Tufts University researchers, with whom Masterjohn had been communicating, published a study that supports Masterjohn's hypothesis that vitamin D affects vitamin K activity.
The FASEB Journal article also triggered Cannell's recollection that children with rickets, a hallmark of vitamin D deficiency, tend to experience more infections than do kids without the bone disease.
Vitamin D, along with calcium supplementation, may decrease the risk of bone loss, and thus, of bone fractures.
High doses of B vitamins didn't lower the risk of heart disease in high-risk patients in two new studies.
Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.
The closer you can stay to fresh, the greater the vitamin and mineral content that remains intact.
We now know that vitamin A is essential for the prevention of birth defects, for growth and development, for the health of the immune system, and the proper functioning of all the glands.
Finally, even if it appears (based on the Dietary Reference Intakes [DRI] or Recommended Daily Allowance [RDA] levels of vitamin D) that an individual is obtaining sufficient vitamin D via diet and/or supplementation, such is not the case.
Exceeding the Tolerable Upper Levels (ULs) of some vitamins, particularly the fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, can cause serious problems.