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VOCODERVoice Operated Recorder (music)
VOCODERVoice Coder/Encoder
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The IPM-260, a complete VoIP media server solution, supports up to 240 ports per blade with support of vocoders such as: EVRC, AMR and G.
Using any of the three real-time vocoders built into Agilent's 8960, the PESQ measurement applies a male or female sample voice to a phone and compares the resulting voice signal to the reference.
Imagination Technologies Group Plc's Ensigma Technologies division has begun shipments of what it claims to be the first worldwide compliant adaptive multi-rate (AMR) vocoder software codec.
They all have very different tonal quality and "artifacts" based on the type of vocoder and rate.
The CMX618 is a flexible, half-duplex, highly integrated RALCWI vocoder IC suited to both wireless and wireline voice applications such as voice scramblers, alarm systems, military field applications and digital professional/leisure two-way radios (DMR/dPMR) to name but a few examples.
The only other requirements for SmartStack VoIP are a standard flash memory, the physical line interface (DAA or PHY), and a vocoder.
Under the terms of the agreement, QUALCOMM has licensed TECORE selected QUALCOMM patents to develop, manufacture and sell certain infrastructure products using CDMA2000[R] vocoder technology.
SQUIDGY synth, Philly flourishes, syndrums, vocoder vocals, disco cliches galore - but wait, Men Women & Children are first and foremost a rock band.
Under the terms of the agreement, CML will provide integrated circuits (IC's) to the worldwide communication markets based upon SPIRIT's proprietary Low Bit-Rate vocoder technology.
5 million in additional funding under the second phase of DARPA's Advanced Speech Encoding (ASE 2) program to develop a noise-robust, ultra-low data rate vocoder for more efficient and effective radio communications.
The system is actually a Raytheon software-definable radio that features Have Quick I/II, fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping Sincgars, Melp and enhanced Melp vocoders, Jstars interoperable waveforms, GPS 1 PPS and 800 kHz clock inputs, Dama-181B, -182A, -183 and -183A, Satcom and line-of-sight transmission and modulates via AM, FM/FSK, SBPSK, DEQPSK, CPM, ECCM and SOQPSK (to name a few features).
0 include: extended list of supported VoIP vocoders, including G.