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VORTEXVortex Ring Transit Experiment (University of Michigan)
VORTEXVarian Omni Task Real-Time Executive
VORTEXVerification of the Origins of Rotation In Tornadoes Experiment
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A vortex has us by the beak and we dive down a two-thousand foot slant at an angle (the dip-dial and my bouncing body record it) of thirty-five.
Of course, some of those already drawn into the vortex noticed the effect on individuals.
He had been caught in a vortex and was being whirled on with a velocity of advance and gyration that made him giddy and sick.
Pardiggle accordingly rose and made a little vortex in the confined room from which the pipe itself very narrowly escaped.
The therns on their side would hasten to rescue the girl, and in an instant the two would be swallowed in the vortex of a maelstrom of yelling devils, hacking and hewing at one another, like fiends incarnate.
Despite the indifference to the affairs of the world he had expressed to Pierre, he diligently followed all that went on, received many books, and to his surprise noticed that when he or his father had visitors from Petersburg, the very vortex of life, these people lagged behind himself- who never left the country- in knowledge of what was happening in home and foreign affairs.
Was there no life at all, then, outside this little vortex into which at her bidding he had plunged?
His three hundred guinea entrance fee paid, his three sureties of five hundred pounds each found, his name approved by the Committee, and all other formalities complied with, he found himself whirling round, an insignificant unit, in the vortex of the money market of the world.
He was half-whirled about in the vortex of the thing's passage caused by the alarmed flirt of its tail.
Faster and faster it revolved, until its vortex sucked him in and he was flung whirling through black chaos.
An hour later the form of Janette Harford, invisible in the darkness and spray, was torn from my grasp by the cruel vortex of the sinking ship, and I fainted in the cordage of the floating mast to which I had lashed myself.
Following like thunder claps upon the Business Men's dinner, occurred event after event of terrifying moment; and I, little I, who had lived so placidly all my days in the quiet university town, found myself and my personal affairs drawn into the vortex of the great world-affairs.