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VORTEXVirtual Object Run Time Expository
VORTEXVerification of the Origins of Rotation In Tornadoes Experiment
VORTEXVortex Ring Transit Experiment (University of Michigan)
VORTEXVarian Omni Task Real-Time Executive
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A vortex has us by the beak and we dive down a two-thousand foot slant at an angle (the dip-dial and my bouncing body record it) of thirty-five.
But there was a vortex at the tail of that smooth, so the T.
Gilbert, who was an ardent Conservative, found himself caught in the vortex, being much in demand for speech-making at the various county rallies.
If it was the last word I had to speak, against that vortex with my utmost powers I strove, and out of it I came.
Just as Alice veiled her eyes in horror, under the impression that they were about to be swept within the vortex at the foot of the cataract, the canoe floated, stationary, at the side of a flat rock, that lay on a level with the water.
Each Grant Vortex boiler has an 'A' efficiency rating and is up to 97% efficient - one of the most efficient on the market
a portfolio company of private equity firm AE Industrial Partners, LLC, has acquired AOG on-wing engine maintenance services company Vortex Aviation, Inc.
Vortex signed the roughly GBP 470m transaction (enterprise value) in January 2017.
Karim Moussa, head of asset management and private equity at EFG Hermes, said that in well under four years, Vortex evolved rapidly to become one of the largest renewable energy-focused investment vehicles in Europe with a wide range of solar and wind assets spreading across six countries in Europe, generating more than 1,500 GWh of renewable energy, which is enough to power more than 350,000 households each year.
The term polar vortex has become part of the everyday vocabulary after the widespread media coverage of the extreme cold events over the United States during the early winter of 2014.
Over the past three decades, the polar vortex has weakened due to Arctic sea-ice loss that has been caused by global warming patterns resulting from human-created greenhouse gasses that trap heat in the atmosphere, according to a (http://www.