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The current was about four miles an hour, with occasional rapids; some of them dangerous, but the voyagers passed them all without accident.
It was the lot of the voyagers, one night, to encamp at one of these buffalo landing places, and exactly on the trail.
Here, about six miles above the mouth of the Yellowstone, the voyagers landed at Fort Union, the distributing post of the American Fur Company in the western country.
The voyagers went on board, where they were treated with the hearty hospitality of the wilderness, and passed a social evening, talking over past scenes and adventures, and especially the memorable fight at Pierre's Hole.
All day the voyagers pulled gently along, and landed in the evening and supped; then re-embarking, they suffered the canoe to float down with the current; taking turns to watch and sleep.
The voyagers were now out of range of Crows and Black-feet; but they were approaching the country of the Rees, or Arickaras; a tribe no less dangerous; and who were, generally, hostile to small parties.
On further reconnoitering, the voyagers counted twenty-one lodges; and from the number of horses, computed that there must be nearly a hundred Indians encamped there.
Those clues, however, are revealing that the venerable Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched 26 years ago and now 90 times as far from the sun as Earth is, either has reached or will soon enter a turbulent region near the solar system's final frontier.
Voyager 1 (blue) launches last, but flies on a shorter and faster trajectory.
Erik Benson, Managing Director of Voyager Capital, Joins Board of SEMDirector
Even though the two Voyager probes launched in 1977 passed the outermost planets in our solar system more than a decade ago, their sensors show that they haven't yet outrun the influence of the sun.
a global provider of software development solutions, today announced the launch of VOYAGER Edge 6.