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The update removes the vulnerability by modifying the way that Outlook validates the length of an .
For more information about Tenable's Passive Vulnerability Scanner please visit: http://www.
From anti-virus to iTunes, these non-Microsoft desktop applications, many of which IT is not even aware of, will become the enterprise's biggest point of vulnerability very, very quickly.
Digital Bond has also identified numerous SCADA application and protocol vulnerabilities, including the vulnerability disclosed in US-CERT's first SCADA related vulnerability note.
All future zero-day vulnerabilities will also be added to the list, and information on any past zero-day vulnerability can be requested from eEye Research.
Qualys' on demand model provides customers with immediate vulnerability updates, such as the Top 20 listing, without the need for installing software or building out additional infrastructure.
Tenable's Security Center, Passive Vulnerability Scanner and Nessus Vulnerability Scanner all currently provide support for NIST's CVSS scores, and our research team is actively engaged with NIST on scoring for new vulnerabilities.
Advisor allows administrators to fully customize the vulnerability management for their organization.
Watchfire was first to market with an enterprise vulnerability offering with its AppScan Enterprise platform over two years ago.
Watchfire has opened AppScan to highlight exactly what issue was detected in which web site response, why it was detected and how it was detected--providing immediate and unmatched transparency which enables the user to efficiently understand the root cause of each vulnerability, communicate it to developers and then initiate the remediation process.
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