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WABWindows Address Book (file extension for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange)
WABWestern Academy of Beijing
WABWestern Aphasia Battery
WABWeb Address Book
WABWestinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp. (stock symbol)
WABWhat Another Bill
WABWage Appeals Board
WABWestern Agulhas Bank
WABWhen Authorized By
WABWabash Railroad System
WABWe Are Bravest (band)
WABWork Authorization Board
WABWales Advisory Board (for Local Authority Higher Education)
WABWeak Air Blow (oilfield)
WABWild-Ass Branch (programming bug; program flies off to endless activity; as contrasted with hanging)
WABWork Avoidance Behavior
WABWestern Alliance Bancorporation (Phoenix, AZ)
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Highlighting the food items on display, Tahmina said that all the dishes were prepared by the WAB members.
Clive Gummow, director, WAB; Chris White MP, Bill Hannis, Director, WAB Lesley Edwards, Rosemary Went, Directors, WAB; Graham Kensett, Guide Dogs; John Davis, manager, WAB Maggie Rowlatt, Honor Simpson, Fioan Perry, Evalyn Buchan, Maisie Bell, (sitting).
The downloaded WAB VM enables the registration of five pieces of equipment and 15 simultaneous connections.
WAB was translated into Turkish in the first stage while all three tests (FAST, GAT, WAB) were administered to the patients, and the results were evaluated together with findings of the imaging in the second stage.
left to right) John Davis, manager of the Warwickshire Association for the Blind (WAB), celebrates the opening of the charity's new bigger offices with Mark Lewis from Wright Hassall solicitors, Peter Pawson from Warwick Hospital, Peter Soles from WAB and Suki Harrar from Wright Hassall.
Cucumbers: 'Bush Baby' ss; 'Bush Champion' WAB; 'Salad Bush' PS, WAB.
WAB provides IT managers with an overall view of the security of their IT system by means of a user-friendly graphic interface that enables users to administer privileged accounts, access rights as well as the company's critical hardware, while offering the level of granularity most suited to the risks.
WAB has 12 permanent staff, along with around 300 volunteers.
Susie Murray, part of the fundraising team for WAB, said: "Our aim is to help companies change the way they operate in order to comply with existing laws that they may not be aware of.
Tickers featured: DHR, ITT, AME, IEX, ROP, ASD, SWK, B, WAB.
Following on successful ISO 14310 V0 qualifications in Denmark in November 2014, the 9 5/8" V0 WAB was subsequently approved, deployed, successfully expanded and subsequently verified in a field which has historically been challenged by B surface annular pressure buildup.