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WADWhat a Day
WADWeak Acid Dissociable (cyanide; gold mining)
WADWisconsin Association of the Deaf
WADWhere's All the Data (Doom gaming)
WADWar Allocation Daemon (Doom computer game)
WADWomen Across Differences (Guyana)
WADWork Authorization Directive
WADWise Ass Doolie
WADWritten Acceptance Date (Sprint)
WADWide-Area Development
WADWorldwide Agency Data
WADWizard for Application Dictionary (application)
WADWPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Acronym Dictionary
WADWomen and Development (various locations)
WADWindows Active Directory (Microsoft)
WADWide Area Differential
WADWomen's Action for Development (Namibia)
WADWetting and Drying
WADWavelength Add and Drop (Lucent)
WADWeb Application Development
WADWithout A Doubt
WADWork Authorization Document
WADWorks As Designed
WADWorld Association of Detectives
WADWhiplash Associated Disorders
WADWireless Access Device
WADWest African Diamonds PLC
WADWe Always Die (gaming clan)
WADWorld Aerospace Database (McGraw-Hill)
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Removing the wads from the latter with my knife, I emptied the powder on a flat rock.
The root wad is definitely a part of what happened in both these fatalities," said Steve Fandrey of the Lane County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol Unit.
Local sources reported that the IOF broke into the home of the deceased in Wad al-Haryeh, in Hebron, to give his son Mazen a notice to go to interrogation with the Israeli intelligence.
It comes in black or orange wad colors for blue sky or cloudy days.
The organization of WAD will be led by UNAIDS Country Office, in cooperation with a wide range of partners.
The Minister was addressing the activities organized at wad Madani Culture Palace, for the support of AIDS control programmes in the state.
The report said the commission conducted interviews and contacted several sources in the SPLM-N controlled areas around Wad Abouk.
hypothesized that increased acute autonomic activity and variations in hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenalaxis activity after a motor vehicle collision would predict an increased likelihood of subsequently developing WAD [17].
King Abdullah Project for the development of Wad Al-Shmal city is located on 440 square kilometers, of which 150 square meters are allocated for Ma'aden's projects.
The second and perhaps more technical challenge was how to keep the wad column functioning properly as it passed through the suppressor.
The coordinator of the Popular Resistance Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Yatta, Rateb Al-Jbour, declared that the Israeli authorities gave residents from the Wad Eben Zaid region a military order dated from 1997 to colonize around 500 acres of their land.
According to witnesses, the neighborhood of Wad al-Jouz witnessed the most violent confrontations in the city, which lasted until the dawn hours; police closed off the main entrance to the neighborhood, randomly spraying 'skunk' water and firing stun grenades and smoke bombs at the protesters and at residents' homes.