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Who has not had their letters, with the wafers wet, and the announcement that a person is waiting in the hall?
Here is an inkstand, here are pens and paper, here are wafers.
The last fold displayed a strip of blank parchment with little wafers stuck on it at certain places.
You and Fosco are to sign afterwards, Miss Halcombe, opposite those two wafers.
The photoresist is intended to develop the pattern of the particular circuitry being built as the wafer is etched around it and the mask is then removed.
For virtually all wafer suppliers and chipmakers worldwide, Surfscan is the industry standard for unpatterned wafer inspection.
As chipmaking moves to 45nm, wafer defects that were barely detectable in earlier generations are becoming yield killers, and wafer suppliers must be able to quickly distinguish between defects that can be reworked and those that cause rejection of an entire wafer," said Mike Kirk, group vice president of KLA-Tencor's Wafer Inspection Group.
The Pegasus 2200i 200mm wafer sorter is a fully-automated, host controlled wafer substrate management tool that maintains a Sub-Class 1 environment for semiconductor wafers.
Mei Sun, SensArray's vice president of Sensor Engineering, explains that "previous wafer-based metrology systems had application-specific limitations due to their inherent design; the sensors and data analysis unit in the wafer were protected with encapsulant materials protruding over the wafer surface, causing uneven profile.
Stratus 200 electrodeposition systems have been installed at wafer level packaging production facilities in the US, Malaysia and Taiwan.
Gartner Dataquest has estimated that 300mm wafer demand will grow by 41% in 2006, 18% in 2007 and 40% in 2008.
This multi-million dollar order, encompassing ADE's broad range of in-line wafer metrology, inspection and yield management products continues to reflect the growth of 300mm wafer capacity and represents the first expansion of 300mm silicon wafer production in the United States," said Dr.