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WAGERWestern Australian Genetic Epidemiology Resource (University of Western Australia; Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia)
WAGERWeekly Addiction Gaming Education Report
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One of these days you'll wish you hadn't laid that wager," said the cynic philosopher.
The goatherd descended, and reaching the place where Don Quixote stood, he said, "I will wager you are looking at that hack mule that lies dead in the hollow there, and, faith, it has been lying there now these six months; tell me, have you come upon its master about here?
So much had he boasted of these men, that the Queen had secretly resolved to win a wager of him.
But I would wager four thousand pounds that such a journey, made under these conditions, is impossible.
As long as they were within the circle of the camp, the four friends did not exchange one word; besides, they were followed by the curious, who, hearing of the wager, were anxious to know how they would come out of it.
They were blazing as if upon a wager, giving and taking tremendous blows.
But I would like (though not accustomed to betting) to wager a large sum that not one of the few first-rate skippers of racing yachts has ever been a humbug.
Yes, but I am afraid there will rise up, by the side of us, a sect like that of Epictetus, you know him well; the philosopher of Hieropolis, he who called bread luxury, vegetables prodigality, and clear water drunkenness; he who, being beaten by his master, said to him, grumbling a little it is true, but without being angry, `I will lay a wager you have broken my leg
In the end, he abandoned all other forms of wager, and gave himself up to "I'll bet the Devil my head," with a pertinacity and exclusiveness of devotion that displeased not less than it surprised me.
I never heard the name in my life, I'll wager anything it is not in the calendar