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WAITWhy Am I Talking?
WAITWestern Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University of Technology; Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
WAITWhy Am I Tempted?
WAITWildlife and Industry Together (est. 1998; Greenville, SC)
WAITWashington AIDS International Teens
WAITWinningham Aerobic Interval Training (exercise program)
WAITWolinsky Amnesia Information Test
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When the house-servant here has brought up the dinner, and when you and I are alone in the room -- instead of your waiting on me, as usual, I will wait on you.
Don't be worried, I'm better now, and it is my fault I was ill, not yours; for I needn't have been so silly as to wait in the cold just because I said I would.
The Sultan did not wait for Scheherazade to ask his leave.
The figures will come as a relief for the Labour administration which failed to achieve its 1999 manifesto pledge that no-one would wait more than 18 months for an inpatient appointment.
From home we wait for a school bus or in the line of UV or Jeepney, wait for the car to move after getting stuck in a traffic jam or wait for the school bell for recess time or for going home.
The 2017/18 Ministerial target, for inpatient and day case waiting times, states that by March 2018, 55% of patients should wait no longer than 13 weeks for inpatient or day case treatment, with no patient waiting longer than 52 weeks.
He said: "People need to know what it is like to wait two or three years for treatment.
Despite the annual increase in yearlong waits, NHS Wales has made progress in decreasing 26-week and 36-week waits for surgical treatment in recent years.
I will wait for you as the colloquy waits on polyphony; wait for you as the bunting waits on the berry.
Burris' legal dispute with Wait has nothing to do with dental care.
So as of now, I have nothing major to wait for, except maybe the convention I plan to attend with my law and cosplay friends in June.
Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said: "It is appalling that over 10,000 people have been forced to wait over 36 weeks until the start of their treatment.