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WPWord Press (blog managment system)
WPWindows Phone (Microsoft)
WPWeb Page
WPWorking Paper
WPWorking Party (NATO)
WPWhite Paper
WPWirtualna Polska
WPWest Point
WPWord Processing
WPWhite Pages
WPWork Package
WPWestern Province (South Africa)
WPWestern Pleasure (horseback riding event)
WPWestern Pacific (railroad)
WPWinter Park
WPWater Polo
WPWash-Post (Supply Transaction: DoD)
WPWinnie the Pooh (Disney)
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WPWithout Pay
WPWithout Prejudice
WPWanna Play?
WPWhite Phosphorous (aka Willie Pete)
WPWrite Protected
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WPWork Product (IBM Global Services Unit of Work)
WPWettable Powder
WPWell Played
WPWarsaw Pact
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WPWojsko Polskie (Polish Army)
WPWinning Percentage (NCAA Rating Percentage Index)
WPWaste Paper
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WPWith Probability
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WPWorking Point
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WPWild-Pokemon (cartoon)
WPWater Processor
WPWork Planner
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WPWeaire-Phelan (partition)
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WPWarm Pipe
WPWorthless Parasite
WPWeapons Processor (military aviation)
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WPWorldperks (Northwest frequent flyer program)
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Wallpaper can be used in pretty much any room, including kitchens and bathrooms, apart from full wet rooms.
You can either avoid it, choose a pattern that won't look too bad (straight-across patterns should be avoided with wonky ceilings, and vertical ones with wonky walls) or accept that it won't look perfect - another good reason why patterned wallpaper is often best confined to one wall.
Soon Metylan wallpaper pastes from Henkel, with their revolutionary technology, gained ground replacing the existing methods.
STEP 3 Adhere wallpaper to each panel, starting at the top right corner and working across the top and down the sides, smoothing with your fingers as you go.
Some interior designers are advocating the inclusion of "feature walls" (where just one wall in a room is papered), while hand-painted papers are making a comeback and the work of new young wallpaper designers is being championed.
Interactive Wallpaper, $120 per roll, interactivewallpaper.
Meanwhile, texture has been a major driving factor in the wallpaper revival over the past twelve months.
Most art teachers regularly use wallpaper sample books as collage fodder, but flipping through these books is also a great way to introduce the idea of wallpaper art, as is touring any room in the building that features wallpaper.
Until recently, wallpaper was THE thing to brighten up a room, but it kind of went out of fashion in the Shaker and minimalist nineties, where a lick of whitewash was considered more shabby chic and desirable.
No longer is wallpaper an up and down, all round the room item.
Perry, the founder, was an entrepreneur and inventor of a new wallpaper coating and coating machine.
Paint & Wallpaper Stores Industry Report" report to their offering.