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WTDWhat to Do
WTDWorking Time Directive
WTDWhat the Duck (web comic)
WTDWeighted Tail Drop (Cisco)
WTDWork to Do
WTDWorld Tourism Day (UN)
WTDWeek to Date
WTDWhat's The Deal?
WTDWalk the Dog
WTDWant to Die
WTDWater Table Depth
WTDWhat the Dickens
WTDWater Tight Door (US Navy)
WTDWhat the Deuce?
WTDWhat the Dunk (Nike shoe)
WTDWhat the Devil
wtdWhat the Dilly
WTDWeapons Training Deployment (USAF)
WTDWeapons Training Detachment (US Army)
WTDWestinghouse Tampa Division
WTDWrite Transition Detection
WTDWeapons Technologies Directorate
WTDWireline Technology Development (Sprint)
WTDWhite Tail Deer
WTDWin the Day
WTDWhite Tail Disease
WTDWhere's the Dough? (website)
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She heard of the Hampton system of education, and decided that this was what she wanted in order to prepare herself for better work in the South.
We wanted to teach the students how to bathe; how to care for their teeth and clothing.
There was no gentleness in him, as there was in his father, but only hardness, a hard voice, a hard eye, a hard hand; and I felt from the first that what he wanted was to wear all the spirit out of me, and just make me into a quiet, humble, obedient piece of horseflesh.
If I did not do exactly what he wanted he would get put out, and make me run round with that long rein in the training field till he had tired me out.
She was convinced that John Hardy had concealed himself in the orchard beneath her window and she was determined to find him and tell him that she wanted him to come close to her, to hold her in his arms, to tell her of his thoughts and dreams and to listen while she told him her thoughts and dreams.
In the note she tried to be quite definite about what she wanted.
They asked her how she came there and what she wanted.
Why, only to-day he owned up that one time he just felt he never wanted to see me again, because I reminded him of something he wanted to forget.
So after that we had all the talk we wanted; and we wanted a good deal, for they were agreeable people.
He thought of taking her in his arms, the thin, fragile body, and kissing her pale mouth: he wanted to pass his fingers down the slightly greenish cheeks.
But anyway, the politicians who ran it were short of torch-bearers, and anybody who would parade could get drunk if he wanted to.
No, no, that's tomorrow; and I particularly wanted to see Knightley today on that very account.