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WTDWhat to Do
WTDWorking Time Directive
WTDWhat the Duck (web comic)
WTDWeighted Tail Drop (Cisco)
WTDWork to Do
WTDWorld Tourism Day (UN)
WTDWeek to Date
WTDWhat's The Deal?
WTDWalk the Dog
WTDWant to Die
WTDWater Table Depth
WTDWhat the Dickens
WTDWater Tight Door (US Navy)
WTDWhat the Deuce?
WTDWhat the Dunk (Nike shoe)
WTDWhat the Devil
wtdWhat the Dilly
WTDWeapons Training Deployment (USAF)
WTDWeapons Training Detachment (US Army)
WTDWestinghouse Tampa Division
WTDWrite Transition Detection
WTDWeapons Technologies Directorate
WTDWireline Technology Development (Sprint)
WTDWhite Tail Deer
WTDWin the Day
WTDWhite Tail Disease
WTDWhere's the Dough? (website)
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Gary Murray, the North West regional manager of Crimestoppers, said: "Most Wanted appeals to the nation's armchair detectives - those who want to help fight crime from the safety of their own home and, above all else, anonymously.
This transaction delivers financial value for our shareholders and strategic value for our customers and employees," said Wanted Technologies CEO, Meredith E.
JUNAID MUGHAL Wanted for: Recall to Prison Born: July 30, 1993
They were wanted in cases of dud cheques, breach of trust and also some criminal cases.
He said that the number of wanted people being caught has risen.
I wanted to share the same experience with people in my own hometown.
One major issue concerned all members in attendance--how to get agencies to enter wanted persons into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
WANTING THE JOB: "I was 16 when I first realized that I wanted to have a career in public service.
I wanted to be seen by customers as the company they turn to first because of our knowledge of their needs and the quality of our service and products.
Of those who wanted a PFS designation, 31% thought liability insurance premiums would increase.
Likewise, on the development side, we wanted to reduce the incidence of large, costly and time-consuming project overruns.
Vinocur: After we learned what the community wanted, we then had to decide how much we could afford to spend - how much money we could raise in the community, how much debt service we could afford, and what sort of limitations would be placed on our expenditures by Ohio's Certificate of Need.