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WARPSWorld Association for Ruined Piano Studies (Western Australia, Australia)
WARPSWireless Automated Response Positioning System (vehicle location software; Australia)
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Stationary drawing in station and the machine travels by during drawing in (can be imagined like traditional weaving preparation organization where workers prepare the warp beam just beside the weaving machine).
Some astronomers suggested that the warp was the handiwork of an unseen planet (SN: 2/3/96, p.
Morpheus Photo Animation Suite, a three-in-one photo animation suite, includes Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper and Morpheus Photo Mixer, as well as 15 sample morphs, warps and mixes.
On Thursday, May 27, WARP received official written notification that the company had been de-listed from the Berlin-Bremen Stock Exchange.
WARP is now focused on developing software and software-based appliances - all designed to accelerate the delivery of business-critical applications and content over IP-based networks.
SpiderCache Enterprise v4 is one of several new WARP products that represent the company's shift in product strategy, focused on developing software and software-based appliances - all designed to accelerate business-critical applications and content delivered over IP-based networks.
Available as software or as a software-based appliance, WARP SpiderCache provides a powerful system to accelerate the delivery of Web-based applications and dynamic content over IP-based networks.
I am pleased to be appointed to this position and firmly believe WARP is well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in the marketplace," said Mr.
Using WARP SpiderCache to ensure performance, reliability and continuity of its Web site and e-commerce operations, UrbanOutfitters.