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And let me see the man in all Nottinghamshire that dare disobey the warrant of our sovereign lord King Harry, for, by the shrine of Saint Edmund, I will hang him forty cubits high
of him; how that the Sheriff had a mind to serve the King's warrant upon this same rogue, though little would he mind warrant of either king or sheriff, for he was far from being a law-abiding man.
Come now; band, not of officers, but of thieves; footpads with the licence of the Holy Brotherhood; tell me who was the ignoramus who signed a warrant of arrest against such a knight as I am?
Doolittle, where I will join you, and sign the warrant.
Come, tell me the chap’s name, and I warrant me that I lead you to his clearing by a straighter path than this, for I know every sapling that grows within two miles of Templeton.
Dickon can sing it for thee, I'll warrant," replied Ben Weatherstaff.
I warrant they call it a different name i' France an' a different one i' Germany.
I got a warrant on the twenty-sixth of October to go to the country-house near Edinburgh called Gleninch.
In reply to this we warned him that we were acting under a legal warrant, and that he might get into trouble if he obstructed us in the execution of our duty.
And it were Robin himself, 'twould be thrice as high I warrant ye.
And the widow's three sons, I warrant you, supped more heartily that night than ever before in their whole lives.
If you will warrant the beer, I will warrant the throat," said John composedly.