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m-ize Warranty solution enables all stakeholders in the warranty lifecycle to seamlessly exchange warranty information," said Ashok Kartham, CEO of m-ize.
Hedge funds remain the new entrants into the industry loss warranty market, which is still dominated by the large reinsurers, Selius said.
A warranty may also make sense if you're elderly with a fixed income," says Hall.
There is no organic repair for the PLGR, so regardless of warranty status, all faulty or damaged PLGRs should be returned to the same repair facility.
Chrysler deducted its warranty expenses in 1984 and 1985, arguing that the last event necessary to establish its warranty liability was the sale of a vehicle to a dealer.
The warranty company refused to pay because they said electrical problems weren't covered.
I have concluded that the RST on warranty repairs is not double taxation as there are two separate transactions with two separate taxpayers.
breakdown only or also cover for accidental damage and / or theft), whether consumers purchased a warranty for a specific consumer product or a multi-appliance warranty, which distribution channel and interface they used to take out the extended warranty, and whether they bought an extended warranty at the same time as the underlying consumer product or later.
para]]HomeLife Warranty Protection (HLWP) is a premier provider of home warranty service contracts.
Home warranty policies provide "peace of mind," says Art Ansoorian, a spokesman for the Home Warranty Association of California.
Suggesting that a homeowner renew a warranty as each one-year warranty is about to expire, provides an agent a terrific, built-in opportunity to maintain regular contact with clients and nurture his role as a client's trusted long-term partner.
The extended auto warranty business can create the illusion of profitability because the entire premium is paid up front, generating a very attractive revenue stream.