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WCWater Closet (restroom)
WCWorld Cup
WCWorld Champion
WCWorker's Compensation
WCWild Card (sports; card games)
WCWorld Class
WCWarcraft (computer game)
WCWilmington College (Ohio)
WCWestside Connection
WCWeather Channel
WCWestminster College
WCWisconsin Central (railroad)
WCWaist Circumference
WCWorship Center
WCWestern Conference (hockey)
WCWriting Center
WCWeatherford College (Weatherford, Texas)
WCWing Commander
WCTungsten Carbide
WCWeb Cam
WCWho Cares?
WCWashington Capitals (hockey team)
WCWill Consider
WCWinston Churchill
WCWorst Case (conditions)
WCWorking Copy
WCWord Count
WCWar Chief (gaming)
WCWorking Capital
WCWater Column (measure of pressure)
WCWinston Cup
WCWithout Charge
WCWest Covina (California)
WCWhite Castle (restaurant)
WCWind Chill
WCWork Center
WCWabash College (Indiana)
WCWorld Cultures
WCWay Cool
WCWork Completed
WCWood Cutting (Rune-Scape)
WCLondon West Central (postcode, United Kingdom)
WCWith Contract
WCWeb Cache
WCWild Cherry
WCWestern Central
WCWindows Computer
WCWord Choice (proofreading)
WCWes Craven (film director)
WCWar College
WCWheaton College (Illinois)
WCWavelength Converter (IEEE)
WCWar Child
WCWelsh Corgi
WCWest Chester University (West Chester, PA)
WCWatson-Crick (DNA model)
WCWall Covering
WCWealth Creation
WCWrite Combining
WCWeather Condition
WCWinchester Cathedral
WCWorld Conquest (gaming)
WCWesleyan Church
WCWorld Court
WCWall Calendar
WCWindows Commander
WCWellington College (UK)
WCWorld Changers
WCWater Cut
WCWire Center
WCWorld Coordinate (computer science)
WCWarren Central (High School)
WCWriter's Cramp
WCWildwood Crest (New Jersey)
WCWolf Camera
WCWesleyan Chapel
WCWorld Clubs (Northwest Airlines lounge)
WCWorks Council
WCWatch Commander (police)
WCWeapons Control
WCWorld Craft (3D mapping program)
WCWailing Caverns (World of Warcraft game)
WCWestfield College
WCWad Cutter (type of bullet)
WCWood Cutting (gaming, Rune-Scape)
WCWorthless Check (finance)
WCWaiting Child (adoptions)
WCWork Card (various nations)
WCWaynesburg College (Pennsylvania)
WCWorld Concept
WCCorrected Sweep Width
WCwind current (US DoD)
WCWest Coaster (rollercoaster website)
WCWest Commons (Everquest)
WCWideband Communications
WCWrong Chat
WCWater Charity (various locations)
WCWritten Comprehension (test)
WCWorking Circle (Sprint)
WCWeight Code (vehicle registration USA)
WCWoman Constable (UK)
WCWailing Caves (gaming, Everquest II)
WCWrite Controller
WCWarlord's Command (gaming, World of Warcraft)
WCWhite Cornish (chicken breed)
WCWelsh Council
WCWind driven Current
WCWashington Corporations
WCWithdrawal Credit
WCWars Central (video game website)
WCWraparound Counter
WCWaived with Credits
WCWork of the Chariot Trust
WCWaste Convenience
WCWasteCare Corporation
WCWog Coalition
WCWeyman Copenhagen (Copenhagen Snuff)
WCWanaruah Custodians (Australia)
WCWearable Computing
WCWarren Commission (John F. Kennedy assassination)
WCWild Caught (wildlife)
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For a critical data center application with a 1,200 ton plant and N+1 configuration of chillers and pumps, the cost of water-cooled chillers is modeled as 10% lower than with air-cooled chillers.
The induction motors in the UTTW series cover the power range from 24 to 240 kW with a shaft height of 112 to 180 mm, while the UTTW(p) series of premium induction motors -- equipped with a water-cooled rotor -- covers the range up to 300 kW with the same shaft heights.
ASME Paper 78-GT-72, "Development of a Water-Cooled Gas Turbine", M W.
Air- and water-cooled portable indoor and outdoor air- and water-cooled central chillers, cooling towers and chemical treatment packages, pump-tank sets with options for standby pumps, discharge headers, filter systems, and central control and alarm panels.
Water-cooled are two IBM BladeCenter H Chassis with in total twenty-two IBM BladeCenter QS22 and six IBM BladeCenter HS22 servers.
The supercomputer consists of special water-cooled IBM BladeCenter Servers, which were designed and manufactured by IBM scientists in Zurich and Boblingen, Germany.
The water-cooled VRV air conditioners that were delivered to the advanced, green-minded stadium currently enjoy a high reputation as equipment that can substantially save the amount of power consumption at stadiums and suppress it by individual control of units.
Water-cooled Cummins six-cylinder diesel with 155 hp at 2,200 RPM
Because most PETs crystallize slowly when tool temperature falls to between 100[degrees] C and 110[degrees] C, it is difficult to process them in water-cooled molds that typically operate below this range.
Volvo's "Future Process for Castings" uses chemically bonded sand molds with a water-cooled steel chill to increase casting strength and dimensional stability while reducing environmental concerns.
Electronics company Hitachi is launching the Flora 207W Silent - a water-cooled laptop computer - in Japan.
These conclusions were drawn because the water-cooled system out performed the factory setup of the computer.