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WMWindows Mobile (Microsoft)
WMWindows Media (Microsoft)
WMCollege of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)
WMWaste Management
WMWeltmeisterschaft (German: World Cup)
WMWindow Manager
WMWeb Money
WMWest Midlands (UK)
WMWashing Machine (various companies)
WMWealth Management (finance)
WMWashington Mutual, Inc. (stock symbol)
WMWorld Machine (software)
WMWide Mouth
WMWater Mist
WMWhite Matter
WMWorking Memory
WMWarehouse Management (SAP software)
WMWorld Market
WMWest Marine (US boating supply chain)
WMWindows Messenger
WMWest Mifflin (West Mifflin, PA)
WMWeb Master
WMWet Milieubeheer (Dutch: law on environment management)
WMWorking Man (Gibson guitar model)
WMWar Machine
WMWeb Mail
WMWorshipful Master
WMWire Mesh
WMWest Milford (New York)
WMWachtmeister (German: Sergeant)
WMWatershed Management
WMWashington Monthly (Washington, DC)
WMWindow Maker (Linux window manager)
WMWater Meter
WMWinchester Magnum
WMWestern Montana
WMWire Management
WMWeighted Mean
WMProfessionelles Wissensmanagement
WMWhy Me?
WMWhite Mage (Final Fantasy game)
WMWeb Mining
WMWho? Me?
WMWeld Metal (welding)
WMWertpapier-Mitteilungen (German: ad-hoc statement on shares)
WMWireless Module
WMWoman Marine
WMWomen Ministries
WMWooden Man
WMWaveform Monitor
WMWet Mate (energy industry)
WMWork Measurement
WMWinged Migration (movie)
WMWorld Mapping
WMWaldenström's Macroglobulinemia
WMWord Macro Virus
WMWatch Manager (fire-fighter rank)
WMWordMasters (national analogy test)
WMWangan Midnight (video game)
WMWhorl Maggot
WMWomans Ministry
WMWritten Manifest
WMWomen-Owned Minority Business
WMWronskian Model
WMWulling Motors Co., Ltd
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Section 4 gives information on the implementation of proposed algorithm with multiple watermark insertion.
The research remarks that many other types of randomizations can be used to make watermark removal less effective, however, warping is one of the easiest methods to employ.
Temper detection is used in digital cameras to insert a fragile watermark for temper detection whereas the same fragility is a disadvantage in intellectual property protection application.
Assuming that the author asked for the DRM (Digital Rights Management) to get his works time-stamped before publishing it, so the CAD model, the copyright watermark and the time stamp were bound together to prove that the author owns his works.
Adding visible watermarks on photos using generic photo editing software is a time consuming job.
Digital watermark embedded within the host signal can be retrieved later to assert the owner's copyright over the marked media.
Application: An emerging technological method of analyzing watermarks could replace visual methods as the commonly accepted way to assess and compare the quality of watermarks.
This type of watermark is useful for establishing ownership of an image or for detecting unauthorized copies.
Although authentication of multimedia content can be done through conventional cryptographic techniques, the advantage of using a verification watermark is that the authenticator is inseparably bound to the content, hence simplifying the logistical problem of data handling.
The scheme disperses the watermark in the spatial domain of the image, hence making it very difficult to remove the embedded watermark.
Allowing or blocking retransmission of a file with a particular watermark.