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The improvement of ESBM in nutritional values reflected on the better growth performance of weaned pigs in this study.
Relationships between LH, FSH, and prolactin secretion and reproductive activity in the weaned sow.
3% soybean bioactive peptides in soybean protein hydrolysate in a basal diet with no SDPP improved the growth performance of weaned piglets (Yue, 2005).
Guo [15] reported that yellow cattle calves are always weaned using the conventional method at the age of 90 to 180 d.
Animals that are traditionally weaned will spend more time pacing and calling out for their mother, and less time eating.
Williams, "Factors influencing the structure and function of the small intestine in the weaned pig: a review," Livestock Production Science, vol.
Eating and drinking activity of newly weaned piglets: Effects of individual characteristics, social mixing, and addition of extra zinc to the feed.
Earlier, the LNH spokesman said a panel of doctors was deciding whether the MQM leader was capable of being weaned off the ventilator completely.
The higher incidence of diarrhoea in children who were weaned earlier is probably attributed to the fact that digestive power of infants is not matured to handle the solid load.
If weaned calves caught coccidiosis, depression in immune system is abrupt so addition of coccidiostats in the diets is helpful.
The way you save that feed is to stop lactation by getting the calf weaned earlier.
Using the new technique, the researchers concluded that at least one Neanderthal baby was weaned at much the same age as most modern humans.