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Anderson [21] found similar results where the ruminal pH was lower in the EW calves than in the conventionally weaned calves.
Foals weaned in this gradual manner are less likely to panic and blast through fences, or blindly run into objects.
Regulation of N-acetyl cysteine on gut redox status and major microbiota in weaned piglets," Journal of Animal Science, vol.
Behavioural, endocrine and immune consequences of mixing in weaned piglets.
The incidence of diarrhoea was much higher in children who were weaned earlier (34.
Additional findings showed that early-weaned steers reached maturity sooner than traditionally weaned steers when weight gain, feedlot performance, and carcass traits were measured.
Just as tree rings record the environment in which a tree grew, traces of barium in the layers of a primate tooth can tell the story of when an infant was exclusively milk-fed, when supplemental food started, and at what age it was weaned, said Katie Hinde, professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University and an affiliate scientist at the UC Davis Primate Center.
Almost half of infants are weaned on to solid foods by four months and less than a third are weaned after the guideline period of six months.
Parents filled in questionnaires on how their children had been weaned, including how often they ate certain foods.
2] used multiparous crossbreed sows, infused naloxone at a dose of 200 mg/h iv for 8 h, with this high dose they observed that PRL levels decreased after weaning and in naloxone treated sows prolactin levels were similar to those in control treatment, however the hormone levels continued low until 4-5 hs after the naloxone infusion, thereafter, prolactin levels were similar in control and naloxone treated weaned sows.
That compared to about 1 in 6 children who had been weaned earlier.
That compared with about 1 in 6 children who had been weaned earlier.