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WENCHESWomen's Emergency National Corps, Hospitality and Entertainment Section (fictional organization)
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I did not see the Sadler's Wells Ballet wenches that October night, but I knew the company like the back of my hand from its London performances, which as a then-emerging critic I followed assiduously.
The first of her propositions, namely that gender was the portal of race - and the statements offered here do not do justice to Brown's arguments - is developed in a sometimes diffuse, sometimes tentative, sometimes ideological narrative across the first half or two-thirds of Good Wives, Nasty Wenches.
We would do Cook St, Holborn Hill, Long Acre and meet up with the wenches.
APRIL 2 Wicked Wenches, The Stand, Edinburgh Starts 8.
In period dress, with sacking aprons, the three nailmakers (or chainmakers, or pit wenches, sorting coal) are among a cast of paid demonstrators and unpaid volunteers who bring the museum to life, recreating the industrial history of the area to the west of Birmingham.
The Morpeth event will see Viking warriors welcome guests to a threecourse banquet of period food served by local wenches, before Olaf Bloodaxe regales guests with tales of Norse Gods and bawdy Viking humour.
The centre is taking on a medieval flavour, complete with monks and serving wenches, as it travels back to 1207 - the year King John granted Liverpool its charter.
He said: "Robert and Matthew - Mark's brothers - dressed as beer wenches and served behind the bar.
Colourful costumes, ducked wenches and marauding militiamen will take over a Northumberland market town today when its annual pilgrimage into the past gets underway for the 37th time.
The slogans employed - "no wenches on the benches" for example - are clearly intended to wind-up the easily offended, garnering some free publicity in the process.
Townsend and Robles, who both hail from Valley Village, are part of a staff of an estimated 1,000 at the fair, many of them dressed up as knights and ladies, wenches and jousters, madcap comics and one as her royal majesty Queen Elizabeth I.
YOUNGSTERS are embarking on a pilgrimage to the age of bawdy fun, chivalrous knights and buxom wenches in a new production of The Canterbury Tales in Coventry.