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WCHRWheelchair (travel industry)
WCHRWorld Conference on Human Rights
WCHRWestern Community Health Resources
WCHRWorld Conference on Horticultural Research (est. 1996)
WCHRWorcester Community Housing Resources, Inc. (Massachusetts)
WCHRWorld Class Human Resources (KPMG)
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In keeping with the requirement of air safety, the carriage of wheelchair passengers is restricted on our flights," (http://www.
Each wheelchair given represents a similarly heart-warming story.
Dad and I spent years playing wheelchair basketball.
It might be surprising to learn certain wheelchair features meant to aid or provide relief to people who use wheelchairs can actually be harmful to certain people.
Wheelchairs allow worshippers into the mosque through 10 gates such as the King Abdul Aziz, the Ajyad New, the Honain, Al-Safa, Arqam Escalator, Al-Marwah Escalator and Al-Marwah.
As well as exporting to countries in the Middle East and China, Greencare recently started to provide wheelchairs to war zones for severely injured casualties.
15am-12noon); wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby (Channel 4, 12.
Without a doubt, electric wheelchair technology has come a long way since George Johann Klein, a Canadian who worked for the National Research Council of Canada, invented the electric wheelchair in the 1950s.
I hope this wheelchair model becomes prevalent,'' Akahoshi said.
But we can often recondition equipment, or take serviceable parts to maintain other wheelchairs.
The wheelchair motion is ensured by two electrical engines.
Park officials said only old wheelchair parts were thrown away because they were in an electrical storage room, and the team had been warned to move the chairs out.