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WHETSWashington Higher Education Telecommunications System
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Next morning, after breakfast, Thomas Mugridge began his whet, whet, whet.
They wonder why I am not ready to abet and whet their wisdom: as if they had not yet enough of wiseacres, whose voices grate on mine ear like slate- pencils!
In this depressed state of the classical market, Mrs Jarley made extraordinary efforts to stimulate the popular taste, and whet the popular curiosity.
Conspicuous among these latter, like an animated bit of the spiked wall of Newgate, Jerry stood: aiming at the prisoner the beery breath of a whet he had taken as he came along, and discharging it to mingle with the waves of other beer, and gin, and tea, and coffee, and what not, that flowed at him, and already broke upon the great windows behind him in an impure mist and rain.
Of course, I whet up now and then and flirt out a minor prophecy, but not often -- hardly ever, in fact.