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WHINWorld Heritage Information Network
WHINWisconsin Health Information Network (est. 1993)
WHINWorkers' Health International Newsletter (UK)
WHINWomen's Health in the North (Australia)
WHINWestern Health Improvement Network (Canada)
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He cut Peg Barney as near as might be on the oi that I'd squshed whin we first met.
There was no tucker in the draf' whin ut fell in for the march, an' divil a wurrd about 'illegality' cud I hear.
An' by the Holy Articles av War, whin they wint aboord they cheered him till they cudn't spake, an' that, mark you, has not come about wid a draf' in the mlm'ry av livin' man
Total quantity or scope of tender: Construction of whin dust path, length approximately 82metres and associated vegetation clearance, tree removal and drainage works.
Darren Gamble, headteacher of Acklam Whin Primary School, has now written to parents to confirm that neither the school nor the Rainbow Playgroup were involved in the investigation.
Steve said: "The unique grassland communities of the Whin Sill and the river shingles of the Tyne are two of Northumberland's most sensitive and scarce habitats, something we have a special responsibility for but which few people know much about.
The Whin Sill is a quartz-dolerite rock, similar to basalt and outcrops appear from south-west Northumberland across the county to the coast.
There are three models of the WHIN Safe Huber Needle -- a standard model, a model with a needle-free injection site and a model with an open Y-injection site.
redwing) despite larks all around him; possibly because the redwing is disoriented by the burning (bonning) of the heather (to encourage new shoots for grouse) and the whin (gorse, whose yellow seeds and flowers 'pop') in the spring.
The GNAAS aircraft landed at Acklam Whin Primary School.
MISSING: Sarah Elizabeth Mournian; SEARCH: The Harewood Whin landfill site
By partnering with leading healthcare networks such as WHIN, e-commerce is made a reality for physicians, ultimately creating a more efficient, better-connected healthcare community.