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As the break ended and the workshop began to whir once again, instructor Hubert McCabe reflected on the proceedings.
Unfazed, the bander clamps an ID band around the bird's twiglike leg, opens his hand, and watches the hummingbird whir away.
In an article about the future of online grocery shopping among the ruins of Webvan, the reporter wrote: 'At a giant centralized warehouse, automated carousels and conveyors whir into action, placing fresh kiwis, arboreal rice and herbal tea [into plastic boxes].
Fireside Chat with WHIR Editor-in-Chief Liam Eagle to Cover Value of Domain Registry and Future of Content Online
WHIR Networking Events provide a venue for hosting and IT professionals to conduct face-to-face business, connect with executives, and learn more about the industry's leading companies.
CREMASTER composer Jonathan Bepler produced the sound track, transforming organic sounds like breathing and heartbeats into a rhythmic, meditative whir.
Witness her whir of bourrees when she meets the beggar.
HOUSTON -- Champagne corks are sure to pop, but the most memorable sounds to distinguish this week's anniversary celebration at Fogarty Klein Monroe will be the clicking of typewriters and the whir of a TELEX machine.
A mysterious whir of motors filled the exhibition space--it emanated fro m the platforms, which were visible only by dint of the lights they carried.
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