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WHISTWomen's Health in South Tyneside (est. 1985; UK)
WHISTWorldwide Household Goods Information System for Traffic Management
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He was a whist player himself, and perhaps might feel that it would not much amuse him to have her for a partner.
Wickham did not play at whist, and with ready delight was he received at the other table between Elizabeth and Lydia.
The whist party soon afterwards breaking up, the players gathered round the other table and Mr.
Phillips, protesting that he did not in the least regard his losses at whist, enumerating all the dishes at supper, and repeatedly fearing that he crowded his cousins, had more to say than he could well manage before the carriage stopped at Longbourn House.
To this time then, which was between seven and eight in the evening, we will convey our reader; when Lady Bellaston, Lord Fellamar, Miss Western, and Tom, being engaged at whist, and in the last game of their rubbers, Tom received his cue from Lady Bellaston, which was, "I protest, Tom, you are grown intolerable lately; you used to tell us all the news of the town, and now you know no more of the world than if you lived out of it.
There was still the hunting establishment which Nicholas had even enlarged, the same fifty horses and fifteen grooms in the stables, the same expensive presents and dinner parties to the whole district on name days; there were still the count's games of whist and boston, at which- spreading out his cards so that everybody could see them- he let himself be plundered of hundreds of rubles every day by his neighbors, who looked upon an opportunity to play a rubber with Count Rostov as a most profitable source of income.
When he mentioned the "old friend" and the "rubber of whist," her face expressed the strongest emotions of shame and disgust.
We had a rubber at whist, a mere profanation, so far as play was concerned, of that noble game.
His sole pastimes were reading the papers and playing whist.
Whist Drive The winners of the monthly Wee Whist in the Reading Room last week were: Ladies 1 Muriel Campbell, 2 Fiona Finnigan, consolation Carole Wells; Gents 1 Betty McAllister, 2 Fiona Clark, consolation Dianne Louttit.
5 tables the whist high of 88 was shared by Sheila Morris, Joan Horns, and Audrey Taylor and the low of 60 went to Kath Proctor.
Baker Paul, 50, revealed: "If she's not sitting in the sun sleeping she's playing whist with me.