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In the August 18th Science, Stephane Vennes (Czech Academy of Sciences) and an international group of astronomers describes the discovery of LP 40-365, a white dwarf that might be the remnant of such an explosion.
Because the mass of the white dwarf is also not changing, a decrease in radius leads to an increase in velocity.
After identifying Stein 2051 B and mapping the background star field, the researchers used Hubbles Wide Field Camera 3 to observe the white dwarf seven different times over a two-year period as it moved past the selected background star.
Because of their extremely close proximity, the white dwarf easily is able to slurp mass from its low-mass companion.
It could work," he says, "but I doubt it would leave a low-mass white dwarf.
White dwarfs are the extremely dense end states of stars like our Sun: after their nuclear fuel is exhausted, they collapse from the size of a star (about 1,000,000 miles across) to the size of the Earth (7,000 miles across).
AM CVn stars with a helium-star donor are formed in a similar way, but in this case the giant that causes the common envelope is more massive and produces a helium star rather than a second white dwarf.
69(4) cycles/ day, which we interpret as the white dwarf spin frequency, co.
Mukremin Kilic, who started studying astronomy after watching a solar eclipse, says that white dwarfs can help scientists determine the age of one part of the galaxy.
Dr Metcalfe said: "We figured out that the carbon interior of this white dwarf has solidified to form the galaxy's largest diamond.
com/early-detection-type-ia-supernovae-finds-white-dwarfs-companion-star-2578581) Type Ia supernova occurs in a binary star system which has a white dwarf and a companion star.