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WCSPWafer Chip Size Package
WCSPWhite-Crowned Sparrow (bird species Zonotrichia leucophrys)
WCSPWafer Chip Scale Package (electronics)
WCSPWind Creek State Park (Alabama)
WCSPWorld Certified Specialist Professional (World Certification Institute)
WCSPWireless Communications and Signal Processing (conference)
WCSPWest Cumbria Strategic Partnership (UK)
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WCSPWorld Class Start Programme (martial arts; various locations)
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A species-specific acoustic cue for selective song learning in the white-crowned sparrow.
Gambel's white-crowned sparrows are particularly good to work with because their breeding cycle is closely tied to the amount of sunlight they receive.
Effects of sex and birth date on premigration biology, migration schedules, return rates and natal dispersal in mountain white-crowned sparrows.
The researchers conducted the study in a migratory population of white-crowned sparrows that nested in a state park in Bandon, Oregon from 2008 to 2011.
An experimental study of the importance of plumage coloration in breeding males of the white-crowned sparrow.
Climate warming could also partially explain the changes in distributions of waterfowl and the white-crowned sparrow observed at Baker Lake, but it is likely that the availability of anthropogenic ecosystems also played a significant role.
Hummingbirds cavort in her yard year-round, and on Saturday alone, she counted five mourning doves, two dark-eyed juncos, a white-crowned sparrow and two house finches.
You can tell where you are in California, Oregon, or Washington if you know the white-crowned sparrow song," he notes.
Nelson of Ohio State University in Columbus and his colleagues compared the song-learning abilities of two subspecies of white-crowned sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophrys.
In the fall, after our summer visitors begin their long journey to the south, migratory birds that breed in the boreal forest and tundra of Canada and Alaska, like juncos, white-crowned sparrows, and tree sparrows, arrive in large flocks, escaping the harsh winter conditions of the north.
The black spruce and tamarack forest was comparatively silent except for a few rusty blackbirds, gray jays, red-breasted nuthatches, white-crowned sparrows, juncos and boreal chickadees.