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Along with the sympathy came a still white-hot anger at the terrorists and overwhelming support for striking back at those responsible for the horror.
The explosions reportedly occurred when a crane operator overfilled a giant ladle with molten iron, spilling some of the white-hot metal into a pit of standing water.
In Jubilee (all works 1999), Newkirk presents a curtain painting, a close-up of a raging fire (flaming orange, mustard, white-hot white) against a serene (?
Energy released during the impact created "a glow of white-hot radiation" aimed at the continent, says Peter Schultz, a geologist at Brown University.
Every excerpt of her dancing sets the screen ablaze with her fury, a white-hot defiance similar to that of a bullfighter (and she sometimes dressed like one).
IN A WHITE-HOT BRAND SHUFFLE, FINNISH FUEGO ARTO SAARI HAS been relocated from eS to Soletech-sister-brand Etnies, single-handedly wiping out the rest of the team's hope of ever getting a pro shoe.