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If the person for whom the services are performed generally pays the worker's business and travel expenses, he or she is ordinarily an employee.
Next, Wolf decided to explore another of Westermarck's conjectures: The dangers of infancy have, through natural selection, yielded an innate tendency in women to care for any infant with whom they come into contact for a prolonged period.
Here, he reaches for the palm branches in demonstrative mediation with the angels with whom he has a special relationship.
He served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and when it came time to put pen to paper, it was Morris to whom the other founders turned.
While it is understandable that the producers chose the highly visible and talented Jones for his thoughtful, articulate expression, it would have been refreshing to hear from his contemporaries, many of whom are women.
Contending that "human beings have evolved to the place where the theistic God concept can be and must be cast aside," Spong searches for "another God language," enlisting support from the likes of Alfred North Whitehead ("the divine process coming into being within the life of this world") and Paul Tillich (for whom God was "Ground of Being," an "internal reality that, when confronted, opened us to the meaning of life itself") (63, 64).
I wanted life to stand still and acknowledge sorrowfully the loss of my sister, someone without whom my own life was unthinkable.
For this reason, the Bank has established criteria for selecting those firms with whom the Bank does business.
10-18 Months VOTE BY PHONE: Call 09012 292 583 and when prompted, enter the fourdigit code for whom you would like to vote.
She looked like so many other 73-year-old religious women: unassuming, hardly fashionable, barely distinguishable from the poor among whom she lived, yet with a twinkle in her eye, a bright smile, and a youthful face that hid her years.
Until 1942 when the Nazis set up the death camp at Birkenau, an extension of the Auschwitz complex, the vast majority of prisoners were Christian Poles, among them hundreds of Catholic priests, one of whom was St.
All the readings present these seemingly Frostian "two roads diverged in a yellow wood" to the readers, with the invitation to "choose this day whom you will serve.