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WHOOPSWashington Public Power Supply System :-)
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The whoops was warnings that would come to us every now and then, and if we didn't try hard to make out to understand them they'd just take us into bad luck, 'stead of keep- ing us out of it.
Away down there somewheres I hears a small whoop, and up comes my spirits.
I heard the whoop again; it was behind me yet, but in a different place; it kept coming, and kept changing its place, and I kept answering, till by and by it was in front of me again, and I knowed the current had swung the canoe's head down-stream, and I was all right if that was Jim and not some other raftsman hollering.
Well, I seemed to be in the open river again by and by, but I couldn't hear no sign of a whoop nowheres.