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Width of the heart in the ventrodorsal view at its widest point (distance between points 3 and 4, Fig 2).
Recently introduced with 10 specifications, including semi-gloss, cast gloss and matte litho papers, MDO and BOPP films, along with laser film products, Fasson Ready Width fills the demand for smaller volume specialty items in narrow width configurations.
EDI has replaced this system with a spring-loaded device that provides constant pres sure at the lips of the die while permitting width changes with little or no manual adjustment.
The splice width is calculated by adding the number of length pulses from the encoder.
where [GAMMA] is the average width of resonances and D is the typical spacing between J = 1 resonances, and the following order of magnitude estimates apply: [a.
However, a wide variety of diameters, widths and magnetic strengths are available to provide the desired capacity and degree of separation at the lowest possible cost.
Finding cleats made in multiple widths is tougher than finding a kicker who can consistently boot 60-yard field goals.
The use of striped-parity arrays such as RAID-5 with high-capacity drives and/or with large stripe widths (high drive numbers) presents issues with regard to providing continuous performance, both from an availability and performance standpoint.
The increased strength also gives powertrain designers the flexibility to decrease chain packaging width, while also reducing chain costs.
Besides adjusting the ripping pattern to use the entire width of the board, an operator can also embed collinear defects in one strip just wide enough to remove the defects.
For instance, the company's eight-color CI press (pictured here) has a web width of 74 inches, a web print width of 72 inches, mechanical speed of 2000 FPM and web tension of .
Applications range from tire tread extrusion profiling and width measurement over a roller, to tire build measurement inspection, finished wheel alignment and measuring the volume of material on a conveyor belt.