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WINOWife in Name Only
WINOWine Investigation for Novices and Oenophiles (California)
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So eroffneten sich fur WiNo mit dem Nationalpark Schwarzwald, der nur ein Jahr vor Beginn des Reallabors ins Leben gerufen worden war, grosse Chancen, aber auch gewisse Risiken.
I wanted to say something about 9th Street, but it was when I decided to center it around the two old winos on the sofa and linked it to what I wanted to say about the people and the period that it all came together.
Notice, first, that the laugh the wino gets with his malapropistic traffic directing refers us quite specifically to cars moving at high rates of speed though wasted black neighborhoods; the observation is buried in the wino's discourse but gives it a fully imagined realism.
Winos are a major embarrassment to big companies producing the cheap wines bought by down-and-out drunks.
Back in May, Wino gave away two other kittens to thrilled goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, 12, above.
RECOVERING Amy Winehouse left her London clinic to head down to Somerset yesterday for her much-anticipated performance, Wino was all smiles as she left rehab in micro shorts and a stripy vest.
In the doom metal world, everything Wino touches turns to gold.
If you don't wino ne of the prizes you can still go along and on the day,accompanied children aged 16 and under are admitted free.
So his one-time lover was turned into a Wino over night so that his new paramour could sleep more soundly and with a touch less paranoia.
There was a street scene with a dancing church lady, police officer, wino, street thugs and pimped-out daddies, one of whom was Jackson.
My favorite is an essay called "Reading Your Dinner Its Rights" that begins with a meditation on "harvesting" game, segues into a soliloquy on our new penchant for pampering the animals we eat ("free-range" chicken and beef) and concludes with the Swiftean proposal that if we ate the homeless ("free-range humans") we might find it in our hearts to care for them in a more humane fashion, on the principle that no one wants to sit down to Flank of Wino knowing that the creature upon whom we are about to feast has, all too recently, been sleeping on a grate.
Then, driving downtown today, I saw that same old Indian wino who must have borrowed a thousand quarters from me over the years.