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WINOWife in Name Only
WINOWine Investigation for Novices and Oenophiles (California)
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The consumers are we alcoholics," agrees Patrick Gonzales, a 45 -year-old wino who is undergoing a week of detoxification at a men's shelter on New York's Lower East Side.
Back in May, Wino gave away two other kittens to thrilled goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, 12, above.
He was in a band called the Mark Curry Band, and Mark Curry is a Dogpatch Wino.
So his one-time lover was turned into a Wino over night so that his new paramour could sleep more soundly and with a touch less paranoia.
There was a street scene with a dancing church lady, police officer, wino, street thugs and pimped-out daddies, one of whom was Jackson.
Huddie's question about whether or not God can love a wino is the only thing that he asks in the whole movie.
In addition, Bernard Fowler will contribute to BRAIDS charity CD -- Rolling Stones singer Bernard Fowler has lent his talents to the BRAIDS benefit foundation charity CD release by singing Lead on And Your Bird Can Sing a John Lennon composition from Revolver, and harmonies on Locked Away, a X-pensive Wino classic.
My favorite is an essay called "Reading Your Dinner Its Rights" that begins with a meditation on "harvesting" game, segues into a soliloquy on our new penchant for pampering the animals we eat ("free-range" chicken and beef) and concludes with the Swiftean proposal that if we ate the homeless ("free-range humans") we might find it in our hearts to care for them in a more humane fashion, on the principle that no one wants to sit down to Flank of Wino knowing that the creature upon whom we are about to feast has, all too recently, been sleeping on a grate.
The Indian Sergeant, Wonderful Wino, and The Hippy Dippy Weatherman were all born during this period in the mid-60's.
A documentary about Wino is in the works, directed by Asif Kapadia, who won a Bafta for his 2010 film Senna, about the late F1 racing legend Ayrton Senna.
y ners Swalrently sponsor for the es Golden Jacket, ing he her Crayford n, ity wino re than o esy Chamub chairman uin ownr kes are giving lease of 50 ained prize winner's choice.
My character''s name is Big Girl and Josh Holloway''s character is Wino, so Big Girl and Wino are Henry''s best friends and we''re there to help him along his journey.