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WRGWireless Residential Gateway
WRGWater Repellent Glass
WRGWaste Recycling Group (UK)
WRGWorld Racing Group (Concord, NC)
WRGWestern Reserve Group (Insurance)
WRGWargames Research Group (Wargame publishers)
WRGWhitney Research Group
WRGWorld Radio Geneva (radio station)
WRGWrangell, AK, USA (Airport Code)
WRGWaterways Recovery Group (UK)
WRGWhat's Really Good
WRGWashington Research Group (est. 1974)
WRGWireless Republic Group (Korea)
WRGWilson Ryan Grose (Law firm, Australia)
WRGWireless Radio Group (UK)
WRGWeather Reconnaissance Group
WRGWorld Research Group, LLC (health care planning)
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The report's recommendations include a national change in the perception of wiring (an end to treating wiring as a "fit and forget" commodity); increased data collection and sharing between industry, academia and the government; the creation of standardized tools that detect conditions leading to system failures; the development of rapid, reliable repair processes and methods of automated replacement of wire systems; increased training in the installation, inspection and maintenance of wire systems; and the development of advanced wire technologies and materials (such as wireless, microelectronic, multiplexing and fiber-optic systems).
Internal wiring, by contrast, generally proved an insignificant source of magnetic fields -- except in those homes with a particular, obsolete form of wiring.
It is also the most popular wiring in commercial jetliners, and it can be found in intercontinental ballistic missites and nuclear power plants.
High-tech wiring today consists of Category 5e or Category 6 (Cat5e or Cat6) wires and quad-shielded RG-6 coaxial cables with an all-copper center conductor.
Conceived by the FCC in the 1990s, the minimum standard governing inside broadband wiring is not very high-tech, because it was based on 10-year-old technology.
Today the vast majority of people use conventional telephone wiring to access the Internet.
Aluminum wiring, in some instances, is known to be hazardous, but it is still commonly used for 220-volt circuits.
Our goal is to make wiring a simple process with sophisticated results, empowering decisions based on decorative preferences -- it shouldn't be an invasive and expensive improvement project.
Encore Wire Corporation manufactures a broad range of electrical wire for interior wiring in homes, apartments, manufactured housing and commercial and industrial buildings.
Through the use of its innovative in-building technology, Wired Business transforms a building's ordinary phone wires into secure, high bandwidth digital freeways with no construction or additional wiring.
The infrastructure wiring of 4040 North Central Expressway makes the property one of the first Dallas/Fort Worth area buildings to become a "Wired Environment.