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From this place we shall see them return with or without the order for the withdrawal of the dragoons, then we may judge which is greater, Mynheer Bowelt's honesty or his courage.
There were many signs of the battle that had been fought, and of the lynx's withdrawal to her lair after having won the victory.
On the lawyer's withdrawal, Lady Lydiard put her arm fondly round Isabel's waist.
Arthur's career at the university had been creditable, but certainly not brilliant enough to present his withdrawal in the light of a disaster.
So quickly was the thing done and so quick the withdrawal that Olson had wheeled to take on another adversary before the German's corpse had toppled to the ground.
The postscript which she had made me add to my letter; the incomprehensible withdrawal from the employment in which she was prospering; the disheartening difficulties which had brought her to the brink of starvation; the degrading return to the man who had cruelly deceived her--all was explained, all was excused now
Playmore was likely to give up the investigation on my withdrawal from it.
The same excuse had been given to account for Blanche's absence--and, again (some time previously), to explain Miss Silvester's withdrawal from the croquet
I will not, however, here give any instances, for I see hardly any way of distinguishing between the effects, on the one hand, of a part being largely developed through natural selection and another and adjoining part being reduced by this same process or by disuse, and, on the other hand, the actual withdrawal of nutriment from one part owing to the excess of growth in another and adjoining part.
Hence the changes between scenes must generally be made in full view of the audience, and instead of ending the scenes with striking situations the dramatists must arrange for a withdrawal of the actors, only avoiding if possible the effect of a mere anti-climax.
This withdrawal from the world could only benefit the individual soul, and after all what was it but a protracted suicide?
Her withdrawal had hinted at other things besides disease and pain.