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WOMANWorld Organization of Mothers of All Nations
WOMANWomen Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
WOMANWorld Organization for Mutual Afghan Network (Afghanistan)
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I abhor the idea that 'biology is destiny,'" says Michele Schumacher, who agrees that even for new feminists the work-family balance comes down to an individual decision for each woman and her spouse.
The image of 14 white male Senators interrogating and humiliating the young black woman on national television incensed female viewers, symbolizing the lack of representation for women and their interests on Capitol Hill.
Probable mother to infant transmission of Pneumocystis jiroveci from an HIV-infected woman to her HIV-uninfected infant.
Women violinists were grudgingly accepted, but only after a new ideology emerged that equated the violin's emotional sound with the sentimentality of woman.
In her 1973 antifeminist polemic, The Female Woman, Arianna Stassinopoulos (now Huffington) predicted that equal opportunity without artificial parity would lead to "a small rise in the numbers of women accountants, engineers or geologists but a big rise in the numbers of female physicians, psychiatrists, lawyers, clergymen.
Forever invoking and interpreting, a sa facon, the story of creation and the fall in Genesis 2 and 3, Du Pont depicts woman as morally depleted and sexually conniving, always in collusion with the devil: "Luxurieuse, sans fin pensant en mal / La ayde et secours du grand prince infernal.
The first woman anointed Jesus "for his burial," while these women, coming to the tomb, find his body is not there.
Whether they are bankers, vendors or customers, many people continue to question whether a business run by a woman can deliver.
One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was harassed for almost a year by a member of her local's grievance committee.
While the antislavery movement presented an opportunity - the only opportunity - for black and white women to meet as equals, at least in theory, many white abolitionists "allowed, even imposed upon, virtually every African American woman writer the authority of slave experience.
So estrogen won't turn the postmenopausal woman into a human calculator.
The legal debt of dower owed to the woman must be paid in full upon divorce by the husband.