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Proofpoint expects Wombat to increase the revenue range by USD 30-USD 32m for the full year 2018.
Additional commentary on Wombats contribution to Proofpoints 2018 financial outlook:
The State of the Phish Report shows that simulated phishing attacks are certainly valuable tools in the battle against social engineering attacks, but it also reinforces the need for CSOs, CISOs and their teams to take a broader view of cybersecurity education," Joe Ferrara, President and CEO of Wombat Security said.
Every wombat we look after is with us from the day they arrive until the day they're ready to leave.
No such peaceful, prolonged contact has been noted in the few observations that have been made of mating behaviour in wombats (Triggs 2009), and there is no evidence of pair-bonding.
The big and furry wombat first became an Internet sensation when he was featured on CNN's list of greatest city mascots in the world earlier in the year.
As you can imagine, the result is one very big wombat sneeze that sends the flock of cheeky birds away as we count them back down from ten to two leaving one very tired wombat finally to get some rest to be his best.
Australia: Mystery liver disease thought to be caused by introduced weeds is causing hairy-nosed wombats in southern Australia to go bald and die, researchers said Tuesday.
Creative Paper's Darren Simpson said wombats are much cleaner than kangaroos, making it easier to make the product.
E2E Infotech, a subsidiary of AurionPro (BSE:AURIONPRO) and a capital markets solution provider, announced on Wednesday (11 February) development of an interface providing users of financial software developer Orc Software (SSE:ORC) solutions with connectivity to the Wombat Platform from NYSE Technologies, a provider of end-to-end electronic trading solutions.
This revolutionary insight sparked the creation of WOMBAT selling (known as Word Of Mouth Buy-and-Tell).