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WORKWorm-Overload Recreational Killer
WORKWashington Online Reemployment Kiosk
WORKWomen's Organization Reaching Koreans
WORKWorthwhile Opportunities Through Resources and Knowledge
WORKWe Offer Referral Know-How (Seattle, WA job placement service)
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Not only are mature workers generally seen as dependable, loyal and dedicated, they're also viewed as having a strong work ethic, solid performance record and years of experience.
Compared to internationalisation, however, indigenization has received scant attention in Western social work literature.
You wove the material and conceptual strands of the heterogeneous objects before you until a work like Schutte's Hund stopped you in your tracks, sending thought whirling off in new directions.
Thinking for a Living: The Coming Age of Knowledge Work is the latest in Ken Megill's growing number of books on records, document, and information management written over the last decade.
Most are giving lip service," says Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute, a work force research group in New York.
This work injury can be associated with severe psychological sequelae including anxiety symptoms such as posttraumatic stress symptoms, depression, grief, body image disturbances, and chronic pain.
Devoting a special issue of Fathering to the challenges of work and family for men is part of the effort to make these challenges more salient, understandable, and part of an emerging agenda for change.
This study investigated the physiological responses of female fire fighters to two 23-minute bouts of work in a 40[degrees]C (105[degrees]F) environment at an intensity of 50% of their maximal working capacity (V[O.
This article focuses on career development after such a retirement and provides guidance for applying the theory of work adjustment (TWA; Dawis & Lofquist, 1984; Lofquist & Dawis, 1969, 1991) to retirement career counseling.
A lot of it is facade work repairing bricks and lintels.
Tens of thousands of people with HIV want to return to work at least part time but are afraid of losing medical benefits, or losing disability income and then being unable to work in the future.