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WAWashington (state; US postal abbreviation)
WAWhatsApp (messaging)
WAWestern Australia
WAWalk Around (boat style)
WAWeighted Average
WAWork Around
WAWork Area (telephony; wiring locations e.g., from WA to main cross-connect, etc.)
WAWater Authority
WAWoody Allen (celebrity)
WAWoody Allen
WAWide Area
WAWarrington (postcode, United Kingdom)
WAWide Awake
WAWinamp (Nullsoft media player)
WAWhite Album (Beatles album)
WAWeird Al Yankovic (band)
WAWearable Art
WAWorms Armageddon (game)
WAWrong Answer
WAWeight For Age
WAWild Arms (PSX video game)
WAWide Angle (cinematography)
WAWork Authorization
WAWord After (logging abbreviation)
WAWord After
WAWorkflow Automation
WAWorld Almanac
WAWork Assignment
WAWestford Academy (Westford, MA)
WAWestlake Academy (Texas)
WAWearing Apparel
WAWild Ambition (Fatal Fury/SNK game)
WAWeather Advisory
WAWater Agar (mycology)
WAWestminster Academy
WAWing Attack (sports)
WAWorthy Advisor (International Order of the Rainbow for Girls)
WAWatershed Analysis
WAWeb Accelerator (Google)
WAWilderness Act of 1984
WAWelsh Athletics (UK)
WAWork Authority
WAWakhi (linguistics)
WAWassenaar Arrangement
WAWebassign (Online homework system)
WAWorld Advocates (NGO)
WAWasher, Air
WAWashington Accord (International accreditation for professional engineering degree programs)
WAWeapons Assembly
WAWarning Areas
WAWar Arranger (gaming)
WAWeapons Analyst
WAWallcoverings Association
WAWebAbacus (web analytics software)
WAWavelength Allocation
WAWeapon Assignment
WAWabash Railroad Company
WAWest Athen
WAWordsAhead (Vibrant Learning Affiliates literacy program)
WAWest by Air
WAWaferboard Association
WAWilkinson's Approximation (algorithm)
WAWitches Anonymous (now Witches Armor for Magickal Protection)
WAWeston Analytics
WAWake on Arrival
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In zones where occupied space and construction overlap, recirculation of odor and dust should be prevented by sealing off return systems from the work area.
Calix Inc (NYSE:CALX), a provider of a Unified Access portfolio of broadband communications access software, systems, and services, announced on Monday that its marketing director Greg Bathrick, has been named Work Area Director of the Broadband Forum's Fiber Access Networks Work Area.
CyrusOne said that the transaction adds four Tier 3+ data centre facilities and two standalone work area recovery facilities serving the New York metropolitan region into CyrusOne's existing data centre platform.
4000 each, for planting on the north side of PT RRC's work area - part of Ulak Batu village territory.
Violations at the second location included failure to follow lead-safe work practices as required by the RRP rule; failure to post signs clearly defining the work area and warning occupants and other persons not involved in renovation activities to remain outside of the work area; and failure to cover the ground with plastic sheeting or other disposable impermeable material extending 10 feet beyond the perimeter of surfaces undergoing renovation.
The rulemakings will seek comments on how such work should be conducted, how work areas should be cleaned and tested and how residents will be notified.
The DIY work area at Berrys Bay will be open for business on 1 April 2009.
The work area is isolated from the machine frame to minimize thermal expansion caused by contact with hot chips.
The units utilize 3,000 registered position points within the work area, reducing material waste.
To accommodate the unique request, MKDA used color and sculptures of folding surfaces and planes to define and divide the trading area, work area, conference rooms, cafe and restrooms.
A table or standing lamp with a full-spectrum bulb helps in a work area.
This design creates a large, continuous work area without support poles, walls, fume arms or hoods, allowing for better production flow in and out of the booth.