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WOAWacken Open Air (music festival)
WOAWindows on Arm (Microsoft)
WOAWomen of Action (network; Rearden LLC)
WOAWork of Art
WOAWorld Ocean Atlas (US NOAA)
WOAWake on Alarm
WOAWeb Object Architecture
WOAWeb Object Application
WOAWeb-Oriented Architecture
WOAWorld of Asia
WOAWorld Olympians Association
WOAWarriors of Apocalypse (gaming)
WOAWestern Orthopaedic Association
WOAWorld of Open Account
WOAWeb Offset Association (Nashville, TN)
WOAWorld Airways, Inc (ICAO code)
WOAWisconsin Optometric Association
WOAWork Order Authorization
WOAWhole Organisation Approach (various locations)
WOAWildlife Observation Area (Ohio)
WOAWii Ownage Army (gaming clan)
WOAWesterly Owners' Association (UK)
WOAWithout Alarm
WOAWell Operations Authorization (energy industry)
WOAWall of Argos (Lineage 2 game)
WOAWarrant Officer Association
WOAWhite Oak Armament
WOAWyoming Optometric Association
WOAWorkshop on Objects and Agents
WOAWrits of Assistance
WOAWith Onboard Audio
WOAWrath of Air Totem (gaming, World of Warcraft)
WOAWeb Object Architecture (programming)
WOAWaiting on the ANA (Afghan National Army)
WOAWartime Operating Airfield
WOAWide Open Airway
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Tom Jones, of the Wales TUC, said he did not think the overall concept of an iconic work of art for North Wales should be allowed to die, although he said he was not all that struck on the designs that had reached the Living Landmarks regional shortlist.
Find a work of art that speaks to you on an intellectual level.
Again, the students were allowed to use whatever colors and style of painting they wished to use on the painting as long as the original work of art was still recognizable and they had included themselves in the painting.
However, there is a clear difference between using a logo to represent a company's personality and using a work of art to do so.
In 1936 the Marxist critic Walter Benjamin published his celebrated essay 'The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction'.
The first point on which it fails is that it is a collection of essays dealing with a wide variety of subjects and largely intent on analyzing the specific work of art at hand, and is not really able to integrate them into the thesis which the stated purpose seems to outline.
programs/otheractivities/ARTstor/ and a press release describes the work of art historian Sarah Fraser, at Northwestern University, at http://www.
Sometime before the Ballets Russes' debut in Paris at the beginning of the last century, Oscar Wilde remarked, "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.
Is the city a work of art, as distinguished urban historian Donald Olsen suggested?
This planning grid for teaching visual arts in grade 2 in Delaware schools outlines the following six standards for students to complete: (1) students will select and use form, media, techniques, and processes to create work of art and communicate meaning; (2) students will create ways to use visual, spatial, and temporal concepts in creating works of art; (3) students will invent, select, evaluate, and use subjects, themes symbols, problems, and ideas to create works of art; (4) students will understand the visual arts in relation to diverse cultures, time, and places; (5) students will reflect upon, describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate works of art and design; and (6) students will understand the visual arts in relation to other disciplines.
But, in fact, a work of art that acknowledges the loss to which we are all born, especially a work of art that depicts its subjects compassionately, can for many provide insight and even comfort otherwise unknown.
at Ltd, was closed at the end of June, and this week Work Of Art - a company set up two years ago to take commissions on selling pieces by young artists - was shut down.