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WRAPWellness Recovery Action Plan
WRAPWaste and Resources Action Programme (U.K. non-profit recycling advocate)
WRAPWaste Reduction Awards Program
WRAPWestern Regional Air Partnership
WRAPWashington Regional Alcohol Program
WRAPWireless Router Application Platform
WRAPWetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (rating index)
WRAPWrite Around Portland
WRAPWireless Robust Authenticated Protocol
WRAPWeb Ready Appliances Protocol
WRAPWhippet Rescue and Placement
WRAPWomen Recovering from Abuse Program (Canada)
WRAPWetlands Regulatory Assistance Program
WRAPWarfighter Rapid Acquisition Program
WRAPWind, Reel, And Print
WRAPWisconsin Regional Art Program
WRAPWoundcare Research for Appropriate Products
WRAPWorldwide Responsible Apparel Producers (Arlington, VA)
WRAPWildfire Research and Applications Partnership
WRAPWriting and Reading Assessment Profile
WRAPWriting Approach to Reading
WRAPWaste Receiving and Processing Plant
WRAPWide Area Rapid Acoustic Prediction
WRAPWarwick Research Archive Project
WRAPWeatherization, Rehabilitation, and Asset Preservation Project
WRAPWeb Resource Authentication Protocol
WRAPWarfighting Rapid Acquisition Process
WRAPWorkforce Research and Analysis Project
WRAPWide Area Rapid Acoustic Propagation
WRAPWater Reduction Awards Program (California, USA)
WRAPWork-package Risk Assessment Procedure (DCAA)
WRAPWideband Receivers for Adaptive Processing
WRAPWeapon Readiness Achievement Program
WRAPWeapon Reliability Assurance Program
WRAPWorkload Requirements Assessment Process
WRAPWar Risk Additional Premium
WRAPWhite Rose Agricultural Producers (Alberta, Canada)
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Vinyl wraps are also very versatile should you want to change what is portrayed on your vehicle.
Ensuring that a palletised load is properly secured before it leaves the factory, warehouse or distribution centre is, an essential aspect of any efficient logistics operation", says Martyn Sumner, Managing Director, Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists (GVPS).
But with all the different kinds of shrink equipment available, and with all sorts of shrink wrap film options to choose from, how can companies make sure they make they are getting the right product and maximizing their investment?
Mission Foods wants to blanket the fledgling sector with Deli Wraps, its first branded offering, which comes in Original, Mediterranean Herb, Multigrain and Wheat & White flavours.
Cover stollen with a towel or buttered plastic wrap and let rise until it just begins to puff, about 30 minutes.
However, after we heard how green wrap could improve bale quality, we thought we would give it a try.
Finally, WRAP has awarded around $700,000 to Coleman & Co.
You can use a tomato- or ketchup-flavored wrap for hamburgers when you freeze them, and then when you defrost the meat, you can cook the whole thing, wrap and all.
Ethnic Gourmet's four Ethnic Wraps capture the thrill you felt the first time you lit into a fresh-made wrap, and they do it without making your hips, arteries, or blood pressure pay.
A consumer could eat the wrap, or "at the very least, you could put it right down the disposal," he says.
This Frost & Sullivan research titled Wrap It Up - Market Overview of Vehicle Wrapping Industry provides insight into the potential of the vehicle wrap market with respect to vehicles, revenues, and opportunities.