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Escape peak: A peak resulting from incomplete deposition of the energy of an X-ray entering the energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer detector.
The subject of the order is the supply of a scanning electron microscope (sem) with an integrated x-ray spectrometer with energy dispersion (eds).
The instrument also includes an embedded energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer for elemental analysis.
One of two instruments on MESSENGER, the X-ray Spectrometer (XRS) has made several important discoveries that the magnesium/silicon, aluminum/silicon, and calcium/silicon ratios averaged over large areas of the planet's surface show that Mercury's surface is not dominated by feldspar-rich rocks.
Chang'e l also carries a gamma-and X-ray spectrometer and a microwave radiometer to study the chemical and thermal properties of the lunar surface.
Other signs of water have come from Opportunity's alpha X-ray spectrometer.
Key words: cryogen-free cooling; energy resolution; microcalorimeter energy dispersive; transition-edge sensor; x-ray microanalysis; x-ray spectrometer.
showed the new SRS 3000 sequential X-ray spectrometer designed for analyzing powders, melts, pellets or film.
National contract notice: Tabletop variable pressure scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer system
It is a fully-integrated solution that combines a scanning electron microscope for high-resolution imaging and an X-ray spectrometer to determine elemental composition.