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XcvXanthomonas Campestris pv. Vesicatoria
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Tomato seeds were treated with Atella (residue of a local beer) based on its efficacy against Xcv without affecting seed viability [17].
viticola, Xcv 3 e IBSBF 2738 (obtido da Colecao de Culturas de Fitobacterias do Instituto Biologico), foram incluidos como controle positivo.
However, the 1528 edition of Las pragmaticas combined with the Leyes de Toro mandates horse and arms for "todos los de nuestros reynos y senorios" and lists a number of places on the Peninsula that must comply with the "quantiosos caballeros" provisions, beginning with "Burgos cabeza de Castilla nuestra camara" (Folio XCV, ley ciiii).
In Memoriam XCV confesses the impossibility of representing in words the revelation of truth `flashed' upon Tennyson by his contact with the `dead man', Hallam:
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2 See, for instance, Richard Graves, 'The Comic Operas of Stephen Storace', The Musical Times, xcv (1954), 530; Alec Hyatt King, introduction to Kelly, Reminiscences (repr.
In late 1830, for example, Emerson took several opportunities to remind his congregation that slavery was an issue demanding their attention (#'s XCV, XCVII, C).
Neary, "Non-Traded Goods and the Balance of Trade in a Neo-Keynesian Temporary Equilibrium," Quarterly Journal of Economics, XCV, November 1980, pp.
Tennyson contemplates the possibility of a visitation by Hallam and experiences a "mystic trance" in XCV, when "The dead man touch'd" him "from the past.
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Destas fontes de inoculo, Xcv e disseminada durante os tratos culturais por respingos de agua de chuva e irrigacao, pulverizacoes, ferramentas de cultivo nao desinfestadas, roupas e veiculos (NASCIMENTO; MARIANO, 2004).