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YANKSYankees (New York baseball team)
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Let's hope those fans let Jenkins and the Yanks know what they think of them.
Still, the cross-cultural contacts forged in the Eagle Squadrons were to prove useful when the Yank volunteers were ordered into regular US Army Air Forces units in 1942.
These were imposed on the 28-year-old in August last year after he attacked his mum Sheila Bell, previously known as Sheila Yanks.
Yanks received his Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering degree from Tufts University and his Master of Architecture from Syracuse University.
h Yanks have never liked travelling and only 20 per cent own a passport.
It was one of your greatest fans Mr Moores who sold LFC to the Yanks.
The Yanks also won the pennant when the "refurbished" Stadium reopened after two years of construction in 1976, before this season christening the new Yankee Stadium with yet another title.
Nor am I thrilled about the Yanks being able to paw through private information about British citizens.
From bringing back the first movie cameras to starting the craze for denim jeans, the Cunard Yanks were the trendsetters of the time.
again when the Yanks are sharp, when Jeter smokes the runner out at
American Battlefields of World War I Chateau-Thierry--Then and Now Volume One: Enter the Yanks is the first in a new series of World War I guides by battlefield expert Dave Homsher.
Confederate soldier 1: How many Yanks are out there?