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YENTAYour Espionage Network and Training Academy (Get Smart; Israeli version of CONTROL)
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En Fox han dicho que la division Internacional de TV de Mark Kaner cierra yentas por unos U$D2.
Or when a wall in New York bears the eloquent legend, chalked there, I suppose, by some derisive student in English: MARCEL PROUST IS A YENTA.
A PR firm is like a yenta making a match between the right reporter within that publication and the client," she added.
Actors switch roles with a change of coats, the sages of Chelm include a black man and a woman, and in the cleverest stroke, Shlemiel's wife (Rosalie Gerut) gets dressed for the day by stepping into a stiff petticoat that turns the slender actress into a barrel-shaped yenta.
No longer a moral force, she becomes a nudge, a yenta, a yidene.
To add to the fun, the audience is encouraged to attend dressed as a favorite Fiddler character - Tevye the milkman, Yenta the matchmaker, Russian dancers, Motel the tailor, the daughters, etc.
Un ejecutivo de los Estudios confeso que el aspecto mas fastidioso de esta industria es el abogado que hara lo imposible por frenar el proceso de la yenta.
Resultados: Todos los participantes conocian las pildoras de anticoncepciOn de emergencia y confirmaron tener experiencia en su yenta.
Leah plans to treat her mum Dawn, 48, dad Matthew, 50, sister Yenta, 24, and brothers Nathan, 26 and Max, 16, to a luxury Caribbean holiday followed by a shopping spree in New York or Miami.
the cripple Fastenberg, who sang on subways, salting his cup with change; the cats of Schactman's Market pawing, delicate as diviners, at the pails of chicken parts; Yenta Gersh, in a cut-down Homburg, blue-satin cocktail dress, and black sneakers dragging her baby buggy up and down and back and forth on the Bay 4 sands, contending with gulls over news-sheets, bottle tops, wooden ice-cream spoons, bathing caps, umbrella handles, kite tails, atomizers, her short-handled one-toothed rake skimming, sifting, sorting, striking like a snake.
6 millones en 2002, de los cuales el 45% provino de la yenta de las sandalias.