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YENTAYour Espionage Network and Training Academy (Get Smart; Israeli version of CONTROL)
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En Fox han dicho que la division Internacional de TV de Mark Kaner cierra yentas por unos U$D2.
La premiere a beaucoup servi a Jacques Lacan dans ses seminaires sur le role du regard et le rapport du sujet a la vision, theme dont l'importance pour La yenta sur Marie est evidente, comme nous l'avons vu plus haut avec un premier exemple.
Get your pets toys imprinted with Yiddish words such as LOX ("fish") and YENTA ("lips"); these sell for $9 - $12.
Las susodichas hazanas facilitaron el establecimiento de un par de pequenas pero bien surtidas tiendas de discos que reflejan el amplio criterio de Jeanton en lo que se refiere a la seleccion de los titulos a la yenta.
Japanese prefectures (roughly the equivalent of state governments) have been organizing hiking trips, cruises, and other singles events with an avidity that would make the stereotypical Yenta proud.
On Friday night, I did my best Yenta the Matchmaker impression by setting up my friend with a boy she'd seen smouldering at her across the dance floor.
Couples have been reshuffled, the stress of early decision results is here, and through it all the anonymous weblogger, aka Gossip Girl, posts her Hedda Harper-like commentary and satisfies everyone's inner yenta.
Ne possono principalmente esser recitate esse comedic, se non sera con yenta riferito alli capi di questo cons.
Many scenes in Stardom are staged as parodies of talk TV, ranging from geeky small-town programs during the early stages of Tina's celebrity to a climactic moment with an Oprah-like network yenta.
Laura Schlessinger has said a lot of hurtful and irresponsible things on the radio during her many years as a right-wing religious "therapist" and yenta.
Yenta [3] is a distributed agent system that uses email and other sources to build a profile of a user that is used to automatically match users with similar interests.