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YESYouth Employment Service (Canada)
YESYamaha Education Suite
YESYankees Entertainment & Sports
YESYoung Epidemiology Scholars
YESYouth Enrichment Services (Boston, MA)
YESYouth Employment Strategy (Canada)
YesYouth Engaged in Service
YESYouth Emergency Services
YESYouth Education Series (Disney Institute Youth Programs)
YESYouth for Environmental Sanity
YESYouth Empowerment Summit
YESYale Entrepreneurial Society (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
YESYouth Enhancement Services
YESYoung Entrepreneurs for Europe
YESYoung Engineers Sportscar (automobile)
YESYouth Engineering and Science
YESYouth Environmental Summit (Youth Environmental Coalition)
YESYouth and Education Services
YESYouth Education Scholarship
YESYouth Exchange Scheme (UK)
YESYouth Employment Start
YESYouth Evangelism Service
YESYouth Engaged in Science (Woodstock, GA)
YESYellowstone Ecosystem Studies
YESYouth Entrepreneurial Success
YESYouth Entrepreneurship Strategy (Smile Africa International)
YESYouth Elderly Service
YESYouth Entrepreneurs Society (Egypt)
YESYouth Exchanging with Seniors (FCCLA)
YESYellowstone Electronic Solutions Company
YESYouth and Environment Society (Bahrain)
YESYamada English Services (Tokyo, Japan)
YESYacht Escort Ships, International
YESYouth Exchange and Study
YESYouth Employment Solutions (Detroit, MI)
YESYoung Enterprise Scheme (various organizations)
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Yes, I would bear my sorrows, and become great, that in a day to be I might wreak vengeance on the king.
Yes, yes, father, tell me where it is," and he opened two or three cupboards.
Yes, and after sending hosts of telegrams to know if I were dead or not
Yes, you will find some very singular points about the moor, Dr.
DOOLITTLE [with melancholy resignation] Yes, ma'am; I'm expected to provide for everyone now, out of three thousand a year.
Oh, yes, no doubt that is what I must have meant," said Holmes, with his enigmatical smile.
MENO: Yes, Socrates, that would have been the right way.
Women are doing great work nowadays, and Mademoiselle Cynthia is clever--oh, yes, she has brains, that little one.
Oh yes, it doesn't much matter what subject you take," said he.
Yes, I would give the stuff with both hands to every man, woman, or fool that likes to come along.
and sometimes likes it and sometimes don't, but much more often yes than no.
And although I cannot, I confess, in principle sympathise with private charity, for it not only fails to eradicate the evil but even promotes it, yet I must admit that I saw your action with pleasure--yes, yes, I like it.