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YOBYear Of Birth
YOBYour Own Business
YOBYouth on Board
YOBYouth Organization of Bhutan (political group; est. 1992; Thimphu, Bhutan)
YOBYouth on Benefit (UK slang)
YOBYoung Oncologists Breakfast (band)
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More than a third of businesses (37%) say they expect yob culture to increase this year because of economic volatility.
This will never work unless you have like-minded people who will take a stand within their communities and complain about the yobs or nightmare families.
The car -- along with Yob's wife, brother, daughter and grandchildren -- were at Sea-Tac Airport when Yob arrived Monday afternoon.
Yob Nation is a fascinating, if disturbing read and I'd highly recommend it to politicians, police and parents - if they can handle the nightmares.
Manchester, they learned, has 480 ASBOs in force - one for every 1,000 in the population - to deal with the yobs running riot in housing estates and towns.
Michael Meehan, prosecuting, told the court the yob and a 15-year-old pal were walking across the road outside Armstrong's house as he drove away.
The yob launched a volley of obscenities at neighbours as he was arrested, calling them all "grasses".
The poll showed 37 per cent of Britain's businesses have fallen victim to yob behaviour with High Street shops the worst affected.
The rise of the yob has been one of the inescapable events of modern times.
YOB (Catharsis/Abstract)--Behold Sabbath and Sleep disciples
THE shattered victim of Pop Idol yob Marc Dillon yesterday begged TV producers: ``Kick this thug off your show.
The Michigan Chamber of Commerce announced today that Chuck Yob, longtime Republican activist, successful businessman and candidate for the United States House of Representatives in the 1st Congressional District, has received its endorsement for the 2000 Election.