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ZGMT / UTC (logging abbreviation)
ZEffort (US DoD)
ZSpeed Rating (department of transportation maximum tire speed rating of 149+ MPH)
ZZoloft (anti-depressant)
ZAll Stop (bell log on a US Navy ship)
ZAtomic Number (number of protons in nucleus)
ZFlash (Priority)
ZFlash (logging abbreviation)
ZCorporation (IRB)
ZFootlocker (stock symbol)
ZZentner (German 50kg)
ZSet of Integers (math)
ZZulu Time
ZZetta- (prefix, 10^21 or sextillion)
ZCertain Amino Acids (glutamic acid, glutamine or a substance that yields glutamic acid on hydrolysis)
ZZygorhynchus (bacterium)
ZProton Number (physics)
ZSales in Full (newspaper stock table abbreviation)
ZLighter-Than-Air Vehicle (US Military aircraft type designation)
ZAdministrative Aircraft (US Navy)
ZRedshift Factor (determines how fast a cosmic object is moving away from Earth)
ZUltra Heavy Nuclei
ZUnit of Sleep
ZZylog, Incorporated
ZBenzyloxycarbonyl Compound
ZAnimalian Sex Chromosome (such as chickens and moths)
ZZuckung - Contraction
ZJet Terminal Area
ZDepth axis in Cartesian coordinate system
ZAircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
ZDiscrete-time complex variable (analogous to S in continuous-time; electrical engineering)
ZCenter of an algebraic group (mathematics)
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The ideas presented in "Alpha Beta Zero to Zillion Word Codes for Numbers" have been nurtured, incubated, and refined since his medical school days.
Berman is adamant that Zillion TV isn't a box or technology company.
always doing a zillion things at once: tending our own and others' children, gathering food and preparing it.
The latest book in the "Meet the Author" series, Read A Zillion Books is a picturebook autobiography of Jerry Pallotta, who has written a wide variety of alphabet books that feature amazing facts on specific subjects.
Recently I was going through the zillion or so pieces of mail I get every year and noticed one addressed to "Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Man.
Corded drills are the best choice when you have a zillion screws to drive into that new deck, but where's the chuck key when you need it?
Let's say you were given the task of indexing one zillion stories a night.
I was thinking about the typist sitting at a computer in some office hurriedly typing out the same Beatles timeline that had been printed a zillion times before.
OAKVILLE, Ontario -- In a recent article in Zillion, a business magazine for international enterprises, Skura Corporation President, Jeff Wessinger, explained the technology behind the SFX Suite[TM] software.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 11 (ANI): Punjabi folk singer Satinder Sartaaj, who won zillion hearts with his devotional song 'Sai', enthralled the audience with his soulful voice, here on Sunday, at Siri Fort Auditorium.
Sitting on a completely fresh platform, complete with engines from the Corsa and Insignia, it looks a zillion times better than any previous Astra and is just the car the beleaguered Griffin needs right now.
Nor can they understand why, as the Government hurls zillion after zillion at the banks, they won't invest a few hundred million to modernise and improve the postal service.