ZWVZelenka Werke Verzeichnis (catalog of composer Jan Dismas Zelenka's works)
zwVZur Weiteren Veranlassung (German: For Further Action)
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Missa purificationis Beatae Virginis Mariae D dur (1733) ZWV 16, Litaniae lauretanae "Consolatrix afflictorum" (1744) ZWV 151
On this re-edition of a recording by Collegium 1704, a Czech group specialising in the performance of Bohemian, Moravian, Saxon, Bavarian and Austrian Baroque music, we find compositions written for the celebration of the coronation of the Habsburg emperor Charles VI as King of Bohemia in Prague in 1723: Ouverture a 7 concertanti ZWV 188 and Hipocondrie a 7 concertanti ZWV 187.
One particularly remarkable example of the depictive element in Zelenka's music is Psalm 129 In convertendo ZWV 91; here the text on conversion (of godless people and enemies of the Lord), inspires the composer to write canons in inversion, i.