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.NETMicrosoft XML Web Services platform
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Founded in 1992 by Robert Blackwell, the firm offers a range of IT services, including systems integration and architecture, .NET solutions, data management, network and infrastructure design and implementation, and IT strategy.
DataDirect Technologies provides I00% Managed Data Providers for .NET across all major databases including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and Informix.
'Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET' focuses on writing sound code and object-oriented design and Hamilton shows developers how to take advantage of VB.NET's new features to create and maintain scalable .NET components and applications.
The design features M-Systems' DiskOnChip Millennium Plus, a 32-megabyte flash disk in a small form factor natively supported within Windows CE .NET.
A key addition to the Red Hat Developer Program, the latest version of .NET Core supports .NET Standard 2.0, providing enhanced platform compatibility and portability across all .NET runtimes and workloads.
The original advice came on June 13, the same day as .NET Framework 4.7 landed in Windows Update with the "Recommended" tag.
For experienced C#, and Visual Basic .NET developers, this guidebook to the Microsoft .NET runtime collections provides detailed information on the use of these programming elements arranged in a centralized and easy to reference manner.
The company said the latest version of its core product has been upgraded to include support for Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.
"There's an army of .Net developers out there that are already comfortable with the [C#] language and we still have some .Net features that are not available to Objective-C developers on the iPhone, such as garbage collection," for memory management, Hill said.

Mono Tools for Visual Studio enriches the Visual Studio ecosystem, making it possible for the over six million engineers targeting .NET to gain additional value from their Microsoft tools and skills."
Therefore, .NET 4.0 introduces many enhancements and simplifications for those writing multi-threaded or parallelized applications.
Content management system supplier Jadu has bridged the yawning chasm between the PHP and .Net development platforms with a collaboration with Prague-based open source project Phalanger.