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.NETMicrosoft XML Web Services platform
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recently extended its rive existing policy management systems for access by the company's countrywide network of independent producers using Visual Studio .
NET, developers can now create and test Groove applications without leaving the Visual Studio .
With this new version, developers can now embed Java widgets written in AWT or Swing directly inside WinForm applications, or embed .
TrueView dramatically reduces the time it takes to pinpoint and troubleshoot an issue in the .
has selected NEON's mainframe integration technology Shadow z/Services Distributed and Microsoft application server technologies, including Windows Server 2003 and the Microsoft .
ASNA (Amalgamated Software of North America) announced today that its annual customer conference held here at the end of April reaped not only record attendance over last year, but confirmed high levels of commitment to .
0 developers in North America alone, there is a clear need for solutions to facilitate the transition to Visual Basic .
Together 2005 helps make modeling and UML more approachable and usable for the growing number of .
Application development platforms that remain open to numerous technologies and which support .